How did everyone like the opener to season 5

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Loved it - more character development than anything else... but the humor was top notch. Looking forward to the rest of the season :)
The extended season thats whats nice
I thought it was good also, watching the scenes from the season, looks intersting can't wait til next Tuesday.
michael j fox too funny , looks like a good season
Pretty Cool if you ask me cannot wait for next week.
I thought it was great! As always, the humor is fantastic. I still have some problems with their technical aspects, but I have to keep in mind that it is just a TV show. My darling wife is getting kind of tired of me pointing out the mistakes/violation of rules and regs, but still a great hour of TV!! And I agree with previous comments about the character development. Can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings!!!
How was Tommy? I thought last year his character really was wimpafied. In another post on this site I tried with yet no luck to start a discussion about bringing back the Tommy I used to love. The one who took no crap and handed out plenty of it. How about some discussion!
I loved the season opener! Michael J. Fox was great and hilarious. The fireworks part was funny. I loved it all. I hope the rest of the season was worth the long wait. And I do agree that Tommy was not Tommy last season. We'll just have to wait and see.
Damn...can't believe I missed it last night
My buddy recorded the first show and I watched it last night after drill. I was very happy with it. Tommy seemed to be back from trip into wimpland and the rest of the crew were in fine form as well.

Questions... 1) What was the deal with the start of the show when Tommy freaked out and lit his Dad's coffin on fire. Was it a dream or what? 2) Did anyone notice that Proby was a bit dumber than even last year? Hard to top lasgt season but... 3) Who was the women Tommy was doing on the stairs? Did I miss somthing? Was she the one from last season who would get off really quick and always left Tommy hanging?

Any help/comments would be very helpful and enjoyable. Thanks.
Yeah Tommy thankfully seems to be back to a tough guy...


1) He was dreaming
2) Proby is always that dumb
3) Yeah that was the same weird chic from last season
I really Liked It It Was Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!



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