i wounder if tommy really died in that show for the rest of the season

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No he won`t but it sure makes you wonder how he`s gettin out of this jam. Thats one way to keep you wondering till next year.
I think his nephew or his wife or both are going to show up looking for him. His nephew is looking to get Tommy for what he did to his mother and his wife because one of the kids is missing.
It might turn into a police emergercy and my guess Uncle Teddy is going down.
he cant die rescuewouldnt be rescue me if he dies it'll be crap......
i dont think he will die i think that he somehow will live tommy has fallen through floors and everything i dont think he would be dead and if he is well then thats it there will be no more rescue me
I thought...no way...Tommy can't die!!! And then I remembered....they took Grisham off CSI...and the show went on.... And Tommy could be in every episode as one of the ghosts....haunting everyone.....only there wouldn't be any hot steamy sex scenes anymore cuz I don't think ghosts can do "it"......unless maybe with another ghost....but there aren't any hot sexy ghosts on the show, so that would have to be another side line.... In my heart though, I'm sure he will live...he's invincible!!!!! lol
no i think his wife will come looking for there doughter and find him on the floor at the bar and she will call up the police and the emt's but we can onley wait untill next season to find out what will hapen but that is what i think
Denis Leary co-writes the show. I can't see him writing himself out of it. Maybe his ghost "friends" will get aggressive and cause Teddy to collapse of a heart attack. Really.....who knows what is going through their heads when writing that show?


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