What color lights do everyone use per their state regs. also what does everyone think of a nation wide light color protocol like

vol fd red/white
vol ems red/red
fire apparatus red/white
ambulances red/red
fire command red/white/green
ems command red/red/green
police red/blue
fema red/purple
utility and all other vehicles amber
all vehicles include amber on the rear and white headlamps and siren for all except for utility vehicles

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in missouri volunteers in my county are allowed to run any color of light to the front except red, we can run red to the rear.
but this must be in conjunction to a siren
We have it very simple here in Denmark..
All blue..

Amber is for warning (construction work and so on)
Blue is for ALL emergency and police..
I live in Michigan and we are allowed to run red or red white to be legal you have to have a light on the top that can be seen for 360 degrees and you also have a 100 watt siren as well this is a video of my truck and a member of a neighboring dept my truck is the blue gmc the video was shot where i work at TAC2 outfitters so if your looking for lights for your pov check us out at www.tac2outfitters.com

Indiana is blue/white with exception of red on the rear of the vehicle. State law used to require a light on the roof of the vehicle, that law was recently changed to read the light can be placed on the roof, dash, or deck of the vehicle, however lighting must be visible from 360 degrees. Indiana does not allow sirens for vol. ff's.

I think a standardized nationwide color system would be great!!!! It would definatly avoid confusion while traveling between states. Getting people to comply is another thing entirly
I so miss Michigan's law.. it is so so simple... check out my post for Pennsylvania light laws
I live in NW PA, I am originally from michigan where someone posted Michigans laws below. In Pennsylvania, the law is that Firefighters, EMT's, Search and Rescue team, and so on are allowed to run with no more than 2 flashing/rotating lights that must have 360 degree visiblity. Sirens are prohibited on vehciles running blue lights. These lights make the vehicle an "authorized vehicle" and drivers are not required to pull over if they do not want to, not to mention we have to obey all traffic laws (including stopping and waiting a red light at an intersection) HOWEVER, Fire Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs, Rescue Captains, Rescue Lieut's, Fire Police Capt., and Fire Police Lt. are allowed to run with red flashing/rotating lights and with a siren and these vehicles are considered emergency vehicles. Also, if you are allowed to run red, you can apply for an Emergency Vehicle License Plate from the state. Unlike in michigan, the law does not state we are "required" to run a siren with the red lights (to the best of my knowledge). In Michigan, if your lights are on and you are moving, your siren must be operating.

I am from New Jersey. Firefighters, EMS, and SAR can run blue and clear to the front and any color to the rear of the vehicel. police run red and blue Fire chiefs( asst., Deputey) run red or red and clear. Fire and ems appuratis run red , red and blue, red, blue and clear, or red and clear and all non emergency vehicels run amber. no siren in pov unless you are runnig red lights and i think a national standerd would be good    

In my area (Wisconsin) law enforcement runs Red & Blue, Fire / EMS / Rescue Runs Red & Red or Red & Clear, Tow Trucks / Wreckers Run Amber & Red, All Non-Emergency Run Amber (Road Crews, Skywarn / Storm Spotters, Fire Photographers [Unless w/ dept. that says red])

NC is RED or RED/WHITE with no siren unless you have a "chief" in you title somewhere. 

I like the National standard and think it makes more sense to have lights and siren but that will be hard pressed to change here! 


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