I know some jobs have had to go this route before so I'm wondering how it worked. Our station was closed because it was a wreck, its going to be at least 6 months, most likely 18 months of this crap because they dont want to move the truck from the area. Were gonna have 7 guys in a 14'x58' trailer, this cant be good. But since i run the web site I'm thinking of a webcam, that should be good for laughs.
Let me know how long, if anybody had to go threw this.

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We had to sleep in a trailer during renovations. The rest of our station was still useable though. It was a blast. Middle of the winter, heard plow trucks all night. The guys basically decorated it like MASH with all the signs and all. We were there for close to 8 months I think. We only had three guys there. If we had to spend all day there, we would have killed someone.
Ya , it should be fun for about a tour or two then im thinking were gonna kill a probie or two.

Wonder how long when we lose power and we will loss power, how those things are gonna freeze up like a cooler.
good thought with the MASH signs.
OK Folks
Its day 2 of this trailer crap, somebody stab me in the eye, like being in a closet, and everybody saying it's not bad, is saying it on the way out.
We are going through this right now. We have been doing this for almost 10 months, except all 7 of us are in 2 capmer trailers. One is 28 ft long the other is 30 ft long. The bathrooms are tiny, the only saving grace is that they are right outside our training building which is not being renovated so now our training building is our living room, kitchen and dining room. It also has decent sized half bath but no shower. Taking a shower is a nightmare. There is barely any room to even move. The bed i normally sleep in is too short so my feet hangover the end. Im not extremely tall either Im average height 6'0". If you have been to the New Orleans are or any that has been damaged by hurricanes recently then you know what a FEMA trailer looks like. Our trailers closely resemble FEMA trailers. The new Nickname for central is "The FEMA Trailer Park"
We have to stations in trailers now. 36 months ago the time line to replace our stations was 12 months. But the city council members did not get re-elected and those who replaced them only statred to move on this issue when election time rolled around again.
Yes sir i currently live in a trailer. I have been in the trailer since i came out on the floor,about a year and a half ago. But the trailers have been in use for four years.I got to tell you it sucks out loud.We have four people on shift in two bedrooms that i can almost touch all four walls from yhe center of the room. There is a end in sight though they are almost done with our new station.
Hey Brother, You need to ask the Anne Arundel Co. Fire Dept. guys about the trailer gig. I know of twice they have put the brothers in trailers, Paramedic 10 was in one it seemed like forever, and the boys at Brooklyn Truck 31 and Engine 31 were also in the trailers a good long while as well and the trucks were outside in what looked like a circus tent. But there happy campers now since they are in Brand New Stations.
Hey , I just noticed you question was from Jan 08. Disregard the last message unless your still in the 14x58.


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