Hey, just thought we should have a thread were we introduce ourselves.

I am 26. Live in Petaluma, Ca (about 45 minutes north of SF). Been on the Sonoma County HazMat Response Team for 3 1/2 years. Finishing up my paramedic license.

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I'm 24, I live in the rural area of Trail, OR about 30 miles NE of Medford, OR. I've been a volunteer firefighter for about 8 years now, I my highest certs are NFPA Fire Instructor 1, Pumper Operator, Firefighter 2, Wildland Engine Boss, and I'm an EMT-Basic. I've asked to begin teaching for the local college for the Fire Science program, I'm waiting for the chance to do so.
Hey all.. Guess I will jump in here too.

My name is Mike... I am a priest (Yes, catholic, no, not Roman Catholic!) I am gay, happily partnered etc.

Got my start in Fire/EMS as a volunteer back in my home state of Connecticut. Did all the basic classes, FF1, 2, Truck Co ops, Hazmat 1, EMT-A, etc.

I also worked for a good number of years in emergency communications- first for a regional fire system (13 departments) and then for a local commercial ambulance co (which was one of the first four companies that started... AMR [ At's My Ride!]

So now, I am a gay non-roman catholic priest who is a chaplain for the DC Corrections Department and the national capitol region SWAT/ERT team.

So that's really it. If anyone is coming to DC for LEO week or FF/EMS Week - let me know. Bring your partner, and we can do a firematic wedding!


Don here. Hi everyone :) You can find out all about me more on my myspace page, it kind of tells it all (myspace.com/donburslem). Some stuff though is I'm an EMS 1st Lt for a volunteer EMS organization. I'm also the Junior Advisor, which till this day confuses the hell out me. I'm openly gay, and have yet had an issue with any of my juniors or their parents. Some of the parents trust their kids with me more than anyone else. Go figure, but I do love them all. I also onw a web site: ww.EMSTube.com which I started about 2 months ago. So far its doing well. Hope to also see you all there one day. Be safe out there everyone.
hi there, I'm James, i'm 24 and an EMT in west hempstead NY which is on Long Island. I'm a Vollunteer for West Hempstead Fire Department and a Paid EMT for North Shore LIJ Health System which does interfacility work and 911 in the FDNY-EMS system. Currently also trainned in Hazmat Operations with plans for a technician level in the future. and still up in the air on if i want to become an instructor
hello all from your leader of the group. i been in fire and ems for 12 years now on and off. i started out as in explorer and then went to explorers chief. i then also joined a ambulance corps and was a ems dispatcher for them. i have many different certs. if u wanna know more visit my myspace. www.myspace.com/nick198225.

i also have some dreams which someday will come true. i would like to start up a fire,police and ems choir. and i would also like to start up a fire,police and ems drum and bugle corps. hope all is well and if any ones needs anything like any advice or anything let me know

group leader
Hi Everyone, My name is Brent, Im 35 and I have been in EMS for about 19 years now, starting when I was 16 and in EMS Explorers. Currently I am a Fire Fighter I and II, HazMat Op's and Awareness Cert'd, and MFR (soon an EMT as soon as I take my National test). I work as a Paid On-Call Fire Fighter/Rescue Technician in St.Johns Michigan. I hope to soon take my Paramedic and then move on into Nursing. If you wanna know more or to chat 1 on 1, email me @ sailorboi28@yahoo.com
Hi my name is Greg. Small town, 60 miles East of Edmonton. Been a firefighter for 4 years. Have taken lots of courses. Too late for me o get into this full time. Like the thrill, the brotherhood. Came out recently, officers say it won't be an issue. Nice to see a group to share with

Hello.  I'm Patrick, 32.  I am currently a recruit with CRASH fire in Hawaii. 

The academy is near Pearl Harbor but my permanent station will be at Kona International Airport on the Big Island.  I became interested in firefighting after my previous career(personal trainer) flamed out when the economy tanked. 

I also recently became an EMT-Basic but as I get more experience under my belt, I will continue to hit the books and acquire additional certifications so that I can become better and more proficient as a firefighter. 

Welcome Patrick. :)

I should add myself to this thread.

I'm 44, live in a regional city of approximately 100,000 people in central Victoria, Australia.  I was originally a firefighter in a smaller town about halfway between here and Melbourne for several years (and a junior for more than 5 years before that).  After a 18 year break from firefighting, because of living in inner Melbourne, where there's no volunteers.

Moved here with my partner in mid 2010 and quickly rejoined the fire service as a volunteer.  Had to start from scratch, due to new training qualifications, but that was good, as a lot has changed, especially with regards to occupational health and safety.  I'm out to the majority in my brigade, and my sexuality is a non issue, except for being the source of an occasional good natured laugh together.  I passed 10 years total service last year and was awarded for that service.  My partner was at the annual presentation dinner, and he's not only welcome but expected at social events, like anyone else's partner.  As our fire service is statewide here, service time accumulates wherever in the state you volunteer.

I'm also active in our competition team, which involves laying out hoses and hitting targets in the quickest time.  Most of our events use an old fashioned late 19th century style hand drawn hose reel, which requires a lot of strength and power to get moving.  In competition, I'm a ladder specialist, so when there's a ladder to be climbed in an event, that's my job.  When not needed on ladder, I'm usually called on to haul the hose reel or take a standpipe to the hydrant to get water.  The training for competitions is also good for general fitness.  Here's some vids (rather old) of the comptitions.  Most of the events haven't changed over the years.



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