Hello! Do we have anyone here who likes to fly fish? I am from Ohio so I do a lot of fishing in WV and VA. I haven't tried the Madd River in Ohio yet, but maybe this fall. Anyone else here who likes to fly fish?

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I love fly fishing...I fish the eastern Sierra Nevada's of California. I am still a beginner at it though and I so enjoy it. I take all of my poles when I go so I can fish all ways!!! hahaha!

That's great! Have you ever done much salmon fishing over your way?
Not much lately...This past May all commercial Salmon fishing was banned because of the low numbers of fish. Recreational salmon fishing was haulted in April...

Still doing my trout and did some deap sea fishing...Yellow Tail.

Hey Debra,
Sorry I haven't replied in so long! You know how life can be! I really enjoyed that video you posted up there from YouTube! That's an amazing Brown trout! We won't see anything like that here in the east! Too cool! I wonder what size leader and tippet he was using.

I've just started getting into tieing my own flies. I have a good time with it! I caught fish on my first two flies when I went to West Virginia a few weeks ago. I am taking this fall off from school so I hope to get some more trips in before the weather turns bad and it will be tough to get in and out of the mountains.

Do you guys get to fish much for Coho's out there?

I am attaching a picture of a real nice Rainbow I caught on the Elk River last trip I took. I didn't get to measure him, but he had to bend in order to fit in my net!
Yes I do know how life can be!!! LOL! I have not even been on line through the holidays! The Coho's are in the cooler areas...ie: Alaska is the best and a dream trip! Check out
www.womansflyfishing.net..."Pudge" is a licensed flyfishing guide and has written a couple of nice books too...They do some pretty awesome guided trips...check it out and save your pennies! LOL!

I mostly fish the eastern Sierra Nevada up Hwy 395 Bishop to Bridgeport. There are places that you can fish natives and also the famous in the area "Alpers Trout" Check out http://hwy395.com for a wealth of info and when you plan your trip out let me know so I can give you some of the local secret spots! LOL!


ps...that is a nice looking rainbow...great job~
I love flyfishing. went today
Yes, My name is Reggie. I love fly Fishing, I do have a fly rod and some flys to boot. lol. Just starting out. Its really cool see people catching fish on varieses flys. I would love to lean more about the sport, just have to find the time. keep in touch.
Yes, I really enjoy fly fishing, I also do fly tying and rod building. Do we have enough people to start a group?
Just started fly fishing last year and am still learning. Havent caught much but a few perch and am having fun with the sport. A real challenge. Some day I will make it back up north for some trout fishing only this time with a fly rod.
Hell yeah. I started flailing flys a year ago, and loved it. I still water the lakes and reservoirs around home. I escape to the Crows Nest Pass (AB) when I can. I've never caught anything other than a cold when spinning or bait casting. Fly fishing has been a whole other story. I caught 5 good sized rainbows nymphing in the Pass last year. Thanks to my loving (and forgiving) wife, I'm the proud owner of a 7 wt 9' Amundson rod and reel combo, an 8' Fish Cat pontoon, a 14' Mad River canoe, fly tying equipment, and more flys than you can shake a stick at.
This is such a great way to unwind, and forget about life, for a while.

Hi Jessie,

I love to fly fish and have guided fly fishing trips for 20 years.  I am also an FFF certified casting instructor, so if ya have any questions feel free to contact me.  Tight Loops.  Jim


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