Anyone have any suggestions to make fire police better & safer?

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We are only as good as our dept's let us be. Hi-Viz yellow works alot better then orange we have flashing arrow mats that attach to our cars it works alright.
Replying to myself, I think that every Fire-Police should have atleast 7 18inch traffic cones and a container of road fuse's. The reson I say 7 is so you can place one by you car and then you have six to use in the road.
Been seen in your lime green vest. Do not use to many emergency lights on you vehicle. (1 red light should be enough) Keel alert. ( keep your eyes on traffic at all times)
we use our personal cars mostly, so we only have a single blue light. You can use red in PA?
Pa. allows department chiefs and fire police captains to use red lights and sirens, all others are only allowed blue lights. Our city however does not permit any lights on POVs to be used within the city limits. They feel it is a safety and liability issue. The only lights the city allows on POVs are amber rotators which only the fire police can use with very tight restrictions. It is a safety device to mark the intersection or area you are working and can not be turned on whenever the vehicle is moving. It must be magnetic mounted for removal when the call is over. Any violation of the department light proceedures and you perminately loose the right to use it.
I would like to see the state provide Special Fire Police with better funding
Sorry to say, the only funding most Fire Police units have available to them is that which is provided by their Fire Department, which is usually next to nothing. Whenever a department recieves a state or federal grant it is generally "item spacific" and those are usually big ticket items like air packs, generators, lighting equipment, apparatus, etc.
There are often state grants available, however, for Fire Police. Last year we received a $5,000 grant through our local state senator, with which we purchased quality 3-season high visibility jackets, electronic flares and some 2 way radios.
This year we are looking to apply for a grant for a couple battery operated portable scene lights to give us the ability to light up any dark intersections we might have to work at night.
After reading about a law suit out of the northwest where a drunk motorcyclist hit a car in stopped traffic and was killed. There claim was that with all the lights from emergency vehicles and the Fire/Police manning the intersection with there lights and equipment that that was not enough because the intersection was not lit well enough and marked for 1800 ft with warning signs that we have was still not enough for him to see what was going on, thus the law suit. I am going to look into something like that also, evidently what we think is good enough isn't. The portable lights are a good idea. thanks Bob. Yep our funding is through our FF Association which is supported by the people of town which is usually pretty good. Keep the Faith.
Take the Highway Incident Scene Traffic Safety classes offered by VFIS. Greatest class you'll ever take for traffic control. Use it on 85% of all calls and it really works.


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