Has anyone ever converted a tank/gun for use with 2200 or 4500 PSI air?

We seem to have an abundant supply of such air in the fire service and would love to figure a way to apply it to paintball to avoid the CO2 costs.

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shouldn't you be doing something a little more constructive with your time, like, oh, I don't know....global domination or something?

I don't know if my membership in this group is valid, because while I love SHOOTING paintball....I'm not so enamored of getting shot, particularly as I took a nasty hit last year on the side of my face.
My brother and I are working on that. I hace a small 15 minute scott rescue pack and as soon as I find the right thread conversion I'm in.
We're also working on using 2216 bottles to fill our reg. paintball air tanks.
Man a 2216 bottle would really whack a punch, be tough to carry though.
Let me know how that turns out.

Maybe we could use the hundreds of 5 minute escape bottles the state sent us. They don't appear to be good for much else...
wow, you really have a bunch of them? whatever you do don't throw them out.
all guns are already able to handle compressed air...
Any adjustments necessary?

What about threads/connections?
well depending on what tank you are using yes you might have to rig somthing up. but as for pressure all guns are able to handle around 850psi into them... the higher end guns will have another regulator or two to get that pressure down to what it needs to run... a tippmann will run anywhere from 300-900 psi but my timmys will run about 65
If you had to do this conversoin. Do you know approx the cost of doing that? say you need the 5 min bottle also..
So a 2216 cascade system or something similar wouldn't work. The pressure's too high.
Here, I got an idea:

WEAR A MASK..........

Stay safe. Paint often.
u would just need to regulate it down... but a cascade sys. usually has some type or regulator system... you could just buy a high pressure paintball tank and then fill it from a cascade sys.... all you would need to do is get a fill station connection and ur set... you could even take some smaller airpack bottles and use them to fill it when ur not around the cascade sys. and 2216 isnt going to get your very far considering most bottles are either 3000 or 4500 psi and range from 45-88ci
ok i have played ball for 9 year i have been in APG mag. and all over the us so you are wanting to trun a 2216 tank were it will work with your maker. Here is What you need.

1.The tank.
2.the old conetion from the pack with the low presser hose.
3. the quick disconetion like the one they use to fill the smaller tanks
4. a remote like the one you can get for the smaller tanks
5. and just hook it up it is relly easy


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