Merry Christmas!  I am looking for resources, printed materials, guidelines, suggestions, program outlines, etc. to educated myself and others on the purpose, mission, goals, and operational considerations of a Fire Dept. Chaplain Program. 

I have a goal to create and sustain this program in the small town department that I am serving.

There are many things (logistical, etc.) that must be accomplished in the next twelve months, but I don't want to wait until the last minute.

I would like to plan now and present it to our Chief soon.

Please, any guidance would be most appreciated!

Have a blessed and joyous Christmas!

(My email is:


-Bill B. Zilar

Buda, TX

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Dear Bill,

My apologies for the slow response. We had two fatalities this week (victims not responders) and I have been doing a lot of crisis intervention in its wake.

First recommendation is to join the Federation of Fire Chaplains (FFC):
or at least search their site for information relevant to your situation.

Second, I will check with Ch. David Huffman, my senior chaplain to try and get a copy of what he presented to our chief that got us on our current path.

In His Service,

Courtney Fleenor +
Thank you and no need to apologize. I have looked at a few sites, but of course not knowing one from the other, am a little apprehensive about some that I may come across. I have also used some information provided by the Federation of Fire Chaplains and will of course welcome any suggestions or guidance from those who are experienced in this field.

Blessings to you and yours this Christmas Season. Our prayers remain with the victims and their families.

Grace and peace,
Bill Zilar

Here's an update - Just over a year ago, I embarked on a mission...truly an render service to those that serve.  Following your advice, I became familiar with the Federation of Fire Chaplains and from there also found the Texas Corps of Fire Chaplains.  I'm working on my firefighting certifications and have been able to obtain my EMT-B...and I'm excited to move forward!

With the experience and guidance of others, I have successfully been able to promote the Fire Chaplaincy Program in two local fire departments (Buda & Manchaca...which I serve both) and have also made a presentation to the Austin Fire Department.

I believe, and many of my friends believe, that Central and South, not to mention South Central and West, Texas need these programs in place.  There are many folks out there for us to help; they are our brothers and sisters...and that's not even considering the communities which they serve!

Perhaps when I grow-up I can realize a vision of a regional Chaplaincy program that will serve many and EMS alike!

Blessings to all!

Chaplain Bill

I actually had to write the job description for my last department.  Be glad to forward it to you if you'd like.


Dann Houghton

Jackson County FD 3

Jackson County, Or


Thanks Dann.  Would you be able to post it on this blog?  I have two policies currently streamlined for two different departments (one regular combo and one volunteer).  I used the FFC outline and adapted certain things to fit the departments...(ie, not everyone uses "2nd alarm" type of dispatching, etc.)


Again, thanks.  Feel free to drop a line to me any time at:



Chaplain Bill

Howdy and Happy Tuesday!  I was just going over these responses and never knew if I responded directly to you, but thank you!

I would still love to see what Ch. Huffman presented.

As I was telling Dann Houghton today, I was able to obtain the FFC outline and streamline it to fit two organizations that I'm now affiliated with near Austin, Texas.

Great help!  Now that they're pretty well established, we've even been able to share with some other departments in and around the Austin area.

Blessings they all are, that we may share with them.

Grace and peace to you and yours!

Bill Zilar, Chaplain #561

Buda Fire & Rescue



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