I'll start,

I'm a career Lieutenant in Colorado. I've been a Firefighter for 19 years and a career firefighter for 15.

I also teach at the fire acaedmy and at the local Jr. College.

I'm married and have 2 kids, Boys 22 and 18. They are both in the Air Force.

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Hi, My name is Patience. I have been been a WA EMT-B for 2 years now. Just this last October I started Volunteer FF training with my local district. I had never thought that I would want to be a Firefighter. Now that i am into it and am really liking it, I am looking to see what I can do with my newfound interest.

One thing I have realized is there is a lot more to firefighting than one perceives from the publics standpoint. A lot more.
Good moring and welcome.

I'm always glad to hear people say what you just did. I think people think we just sit around and play cards waiting for the next call. Firefighting is a highly skilled and demanding career. I hope this discussion group can help you and others to land a career position. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Take care and be safe,
Hello my name is Billy, I've been a volunteer since 2001 and an EMT-B since late 06. I just got hired full time at a fire department and the cheif asked if i would be confortable with takeing the firefighter 1 and 2 test and not have to wait and get the 400 hr cert. i have noticed that thefirefighter 1 test is not much differnt than the certified vol.test.

any advice would be helpfull
Welcome Billy,

Depending on the state you're in, you are probably right. The Firefighter 1 test is going to be very simular to the Certified Vol test. Now the FF2 test will be much more involved. I'm guessing this is where the 400 hours you're talking about is coming into play.
In my state if you take ff1 and ff2 you do not have to get 400 hr cert. but you can still take the ff1 and ff2 if you want the cert. which i think may be my best choice at this time. Do to a lack of training.
My name is Ryan Hughes I am 22 from PA

I am married with a 3 month old daughter.

I have been a member of several Volly companies in my area for about 7 years now.

Im looking to make firefighting my career I appied for DCFD,Reading Fire, and MCFRS
wish me luck i hope to get into one of these fine departments.
Welcome Ryan, Good luck on the up coming testing. If we can help you out in any way let us know.

Take care and be safe.
Hello, I'm Jeremy, I am currently living in WA state, no department affiliation here, but spent 4 1/2 years as a volunteer in Alaska. I've thought much about whether or not I wanted to go career or not. Either way, around here in WA to get onto a volunteer department you have to go through the same testing as a career FF. This is something I'm not really used to. I'm going to have to find a good workout plan and drop quite a bit of weight and get myself back into shape. I have been out of the game for 2 years. spent a year in Denver, and a year here since leaving the dept. As you can imagine, not much room for volunteer's in that area. Pretty much the same goes here. I live just outside of Tacoma, we do have a local Vol/Career dept, but like I said, the testing standards are the same either way. Any advice at all is much appreciated and welcomed. Also noticed Patience is from WA...if you see this and could let me know where I can go for the WA EMT-B cert I would appreciate that. All of my EMT certs were strictly Alaska Based :( Anyways, I do believe I have taken up enough of your time. Thanks in advance for anything anyone can give me.
My name is Daniel I am 20, soon to be 21, I have been a Vol Firefigher for a few years now with a local department and an EMT-B since late 2007, looking to test on Rockford and Sycamore Fire here very soon for a F/T career firefighter/Paramedic position.. I don't have any kids yet but I have a great girlfriend who stands behind my decisions 100% I have also started working toward my Associates degree in Fire Science
Hi all Lets get thing up and running again here anyone new out there?
Hello, My name is Lee, started out as a Junior FireFighter in 1989 with the Lake Conroe Volunteer Fire Department, became a full FireFighter in 1992, joined the US Army and was out of the fire service till 2009 when I joined the Riverside Volunteer Fire Department in June 2009, enrolled in the Fire Science Technology Course at Lone Star College to become a career FireFighter. Willing to help someone learn, and willing to learn from others.
Hello everyone. My name is Rusty and im a level 2 firefighter/EMT-B in Ohio. I currently work part-time for a small department in southwest Ohio. I'm 30 years old recently divorced and have no kids. Prior to my divorce I was a volunteer for the small town I was living in. Ive been on a department now for about 3 yrs. After joining the volunteer department and running with them for a while I realized that this is the career for me. Although I've been told several times that firefighting is a "young" mans career I havent let that hold me back. Most departments where I live require you to be an EMT-P plus level 2 FF to consider you for a full-time position so I am planning on attending the Paramedic program in the spring. Another option is relocating south due to the fact that not all fire departments in the south have made the merge between EMS and Fire. Firefighting for me is now a passion, and there's only one way I know to satisfy it.


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