I am curious how long you folks like to leave your deer hang before butchering. I like to leave on hang two days. At three the most. I have known people likes to leave them hang seven days.

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I try to get it to the butcher within 24-30 hrs - depending on the weather.

I would be nervous leaving it longer for fear of rodents, bugs and such. I wonder if hanging time truly affects the quality or taste?
Yes it does. Yes i get my mine to the butcher the same day of harvest. He gets it skinned out and in the cooler for hanging. This allows the meat to cool good and the blood to drain before butchering. You will have much better tasting bugers and or steaks. another thing that helps is soaking your meat 24 hours. Changing the water three times during that period.
It all depends on the weather. I do all my own butchering so the weather has to be perfect for me to leave one hang for more than a day. Here in Wisconsin we have to register the deer with the DNR before we can do anything with it so I usually try to get it in that same day so I can get the hide off while its still warm, only because it comes off easier. Then I will leave the hide draped over the deer to try and hold a little heat in so it doesnt freeze hanging in the barn over night. I also like to hang mine from the hind legs. I see so many who hang them from the head which never made any sence to me. All the blood you are trying to drain has no where to go but into the hind quarters.
Now theres another question - someone mentioned - "Not wanting it to freeze while hanging" - is that because of damaged meat - or just harder to process.

I also agree with hanging head down.

PS - still watching mine ( if I'm lucky !) - two brief sightings - looks like a good 6 or 8 point. Trying not to get to close to early. The doe keep scaring me - every time I get close enough for a good sighting the doe spook. I dont take doe - only cause my wife won't eat doe (don't ask.).
I wouldn't hang one more than 2 days. Bacteria buildup wouldn't be all too hot. Hang time should be dictated by temperature also.
I have a "spreader" which I created by carving a wooden 2x4 into the shape of a coat hanger. The hind legs behind their hamstrings (I'm trying to use human terms to give a better picture) there is a tendon quite like an achillies tendon. Cut the skin between the muscle of the leg and the tendon. This makes a PERFECT place to place a spreader. This is notched and angled to keep the deers rear legs open and keeps the deer head down to allow for perfect drainage.
I to hang the deer from the rear feet.

We also have to have the deer tag at a tagging station before it can be butchered rather you do it your self or take it to the a butcher.

I am luckey. I have a local butcher that I can get my deer in day or night if needed if it is above 45 degrees. Other wise I don't get in a big hurry. I still have it butchered. I don't have the hassel.

I do like to get my hide off while still warm. It is much easier as LT Luke states.

As far as the meat freezeing. Yes it is harder to process.

I can see and under stand how the weather can effect hang time if you do your own buthering. Been there done that.

Rick Hope you get your deer. Oh yea by the way why won't your wife eat Doe meat. LOL
I should have known better then say "Don't ask" in a room filled with F.F.'s

I guess I forgot to mention in our area of N.Y. you have to tag your deer where it lay. You can't even drag it legally without completeing your tag.

yep thats how i hang them
yep just too hard to cut up that big chunck of ice and make good cuts of meat out of it
Same here in Wisconsin Rick you have to tag it before you can move it but then after you tag it dress it and get it back to the house you still have to take it to a DNR registration station and fill out more paper work and get a second tag before you can start butchering
I let Mine hang 2-3 days , depending on the weather, here in NH, we also have to tag ours prior to Moving. and then have to check it in at one of many Tagging stations , within 24 hours.


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