I remember stowing my Ruger 44 Mag Carbine away last year - bumped it on the safe door. No scratch or visual damage - so I put her to rest.
I went to the gun range to do some practice and guess what - the scope position/aim point changed ! :)
I spent some time re-adjusting it but , it seemed to wonder a little. I took it home , broke it down(Field stripped) and checked for fouling in the barrel - all looked good.
Put the rifle in a vise (rubber padded) and started to remove the scope - I was thinking maybe the scope needed to go back to the manufacture. Well, I found the front base (Two piece bases) had losened - I removed the screws and found no "Lock-tite" on them - also the wholes were completely through the top of the reciever metal.
I cleaned all the threads with finger nail polish remover - applied "Lock-tite" and re-assembled. I took it to the range - 5 bulletts later we were back on paper.

Wether its bow, hand gun, shotgun or rifle - re-check your sight systems - its always a good excuse to get out and practice !

Good Luck
Stay Safe

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Good Point Rick. I wish I had 5 bucks for everytime my sights were screwed up on my CVA 50 cal. The front site has fallen out 3 times, and the rear sights move too freely. I got a scope just need to get used to it and sight it in.
Can't hunt without a scope any more! CVA 50 - if you can see it - you should own it.

I used to have a Modern Knight - I loved how smooth and accurate it was. Everyone has their favorite .

I was lucky , I was raised in a hunting/sport shooting family. My uncle taught me at the age of six how to shoot a tiny single shot 22 short rifle . He was xmilitary, so everything was by the numbers. You didnt get to use it until you learned it and earned it.

Good Luck
Stay Safe


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