Tree Stand , Still Hunt or Drives - whats your favorite deer tactics? Part one.

Personally I use a combo of (Preset portables) tree stands and still hunting. During my pre-season scouting - I try to spot trails and food plots near woods edge - then I track them back into the woods.

I try to find atleast two or three portable tree stand locations. Its important to remember - whether its during the hunting season or prior - try not to actually walk on the tracks - stay to one side or the other. This reduces chances of leaving scents that might alert and possibly alter their movements/habits.

Once I find my "set" spots , I mark the tree and prepare my hand drawn map. Remember as the seasons change , so does you view. I try to have my trail about 1 mile or so total distance.

Some people believe they can tell the sex of a deer just by the size of its tracks ! I believe I can only count on visual conformations such as sightings , rubs or scrapes on tree's and such. Whats your views?

Scents during bow or shotgun ! Whats your favorites or is it a waste of money?

Camo or not to camo - whats your feelings?

Well , lets see where this takes us!

God Bless
Stay Safe

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Since bucks are more skittish I prefer to sit in a ground blind nestled into a group of pines or hid in a brush pile but when I'm meat hunting and looking for a doe I prefer what we call the run and gun. Its kind of like still hunting but instead of making your way slowly through the woods you run for 30 or 40 yards then stop and look for that curious doe looking to see what all that racket was about. Usually I spend less than 10 minutes looking before moving again. I don’t know if it is because of their curiosity or what but I have had great success with this method and taken shots as close as 20 yards. I've never had much luck with sents. I've had more luck with rattling.
I have a BFD friend who actually does that R&G thing - I always thought he was crazy - but he too is successful getting Doe - I believe your correct about their curiousity.
Last year another friend - who is quite "Fruggal" was showing me how he made a "Bleet" call from a garage sale doll - yes a doll ! Remember the ones that make a crying sound when you tilt them back and forth- well turns out - inside them is a little gizzmo that once removed can be used as a "Bleet" call - He bought the doll ( Got some strange looks - he's a big muscle type guy) for $.65 at a garrage sale.

I tried rattling - wasn't too successful at it though - kept poking myself ! :) Any body else make calls or such ?

God Bless
Stay Safe
During archery season, Im up in a tree.
When Firearm season rolls around I usually still hunt, but once in a while we have a couple guys make a quick walk through to get things moving a bit.
During archery , any tricks or prep work done either in your hunting area or the tree stand site ? Do you rattle , call or use scent ? Portable or fixed stand?
With a bow - whats your style of site system ?

If i am going over ten feet up a tree - I use a pendulum(spelling?) site - it self adjusts the site pin according to shot angle - when you aim downward , the pin rises . I found that before when I used a fixed pin I would often shoot over a deers back at close range.
i like to still hunt
So - are you saying you Still Hunt or hunt still ?" :)

Mayb someone can explain what "Still Hunting" is for those not familiar wih this technique - everyone has different movement and concealment habits or tips to share.


God Bless
Stay Safe
I hunt from a tree stand only, this makes my scent trail high instead of on the ground, I'm an avid bow hunter, I use scent lok clothing to the fullest from head to toe, I don't believe in using scents, maybe a mok scrape or two to bring in the big boys during rut, I mostly grunt and rattle, In rifle season I'll setup on power lines where I find good success catching those bucks crossing following does, and I do a lot of walking during rifle season too, and as far as the deer tracks go, thats a mith, I've seen big does leave tracks bigger than bucks.
Are your tree stand/s permanent or portable ? Any prefered height or placement tricks ?

I prefer(according to line of sight) ten feet in semi treed scrub areas and in open woods I go higher. Some times during bow I only go up 5 five feet (again according to line of sight and available shot lanes).

I have a string(nylon) marked and i attach it to my stand and bow. I climb up the tree until the bow starts to raise - then I know I am around my desired height - I pull my bow up once I'm all secured and have attached my safety harness.

How about you guys and gals ?

God Bless
Stay Safe
I hunt not big on tree stands .. Me and my brother go in and he will make a drive then later I will make a drive... Just bought a new 243 used it some last year due to buying towards the end of season.. Putting up the 30-06 for later.. Looking forward to the season to open here in Ny ... Alot of state land to hunt on up here.. Sad thing is alot of the farmers are making it so you can not hunt on their property.. Sad because people ruined by abusing what was one a privilage.. Is now forbidden so Sate land or hope to know someone with a junk of good hunting land....
2nd year out, in a tree stand took a shot at a four pointer. In a blind seen two doe. never seen anything stalking or sitting with sent


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