Does your rural fire company practice for tractor and machinery entrapments?

In Pa. where I teach agricultural emergencies to fire , rescue and EMS responders it really seems to be catching on, just about every weekend were out teaching, Intro to farm emergencies,
Tractor incidents and rescue procedures, Machinery entanglements and rescue. What I was wondering was do you rural farming area responders often practice for these types of emergencies, how often and who are your instructors ?. I know from P.S.U. that we often assist many fire, rescue and EMS co.'s with their traning . Do any other university ag depts do the same in your state or country. Id like to know .
Thank you all for your input. BB

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I took 10 years ago a farmmedic course in my area put on by Alfred State college here in New York State

Is anyone at present doing any type of agricultural rescue program now in New York since I hear Farmedic was sold by Cornell to and Insurance agency, Im not sure what co. bought the Farmedic program, nor who's actually running it these days. Any info pass it along would you. Thanks Bob.
I just looked it up. the company name is now McNeil & company there out of Cortland NY. The website is tel 1-800-822-3747. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else
stay safe
Thank you Nate, By chance did you talk with anyone there about the program? no biggie but I'm just wondering if their going to stay around, It was a good program and I have to admit I even taught for them when they were at Alfred State Univ. and enjoyed every minute of it. They offered alot to the fire and rescue service that wasn't even heard or thought about 20 years ago. Great Guys in New York state, Thanks again.

i think thats a really good idea for training
Here in Ohio, the Ohio Fire Academy had a outreach program on Farm Extrication. Our County Firefighters Association for several years sponsored a yearly class. We would go to a Farm Equipment dealer who would donate old equipment ready for the scrap pile to be used for actual extrication evolutions. I don't believe a class was held last year for several different reasons; funding issues and instructor availability to meet our time frame. It was a very educational program with actual "hands on" training with farm machinery. I haven't checked to see if it is available this year. It was always very well recieved by all departments attending.
I am taking a farmmedic class coming up in may and that is something that our county trys to put on once a year. Also i know that MSU likes to help out in putting on classes for this type of thing. It in recent years has been getting very big around our area. We don't get that kind of call really which thank god but i know that it could happen and it is nice that we are up on all the training as well as anything.
yea we just had a farm rescue class at our dept a couple of weeks ago
Actually, yes. I volunteer for a small rural fire district. We are a small farming community throughout the entire county. We do annual farm machinery practice. This includes rescue, fire suppression, and everything in between. A few years ago, we responded to a call at a farm where they take bales of hay and straw and compress them into smaller bales to load into shipping containers. The man working the compressor had only been working there for a couple weeks. The compressor jammed, and the SOP for unjamming it was to kick it! The man's leg was caught and he started to get pulled into the machine, when a co-worker hit the emergency stop. He lost his leg from the knee down. I think it is very important for small, rural departments to learn and practice training for farm related emergencies on a regular basis.
we have farm rescue in tn.. its a great class


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