OK yet again another brother has died from the lack of wearing a seatelt and speeding to a call.
When are we going to pull our collective heads out of our arses and use taht thing god put above your shoulders.

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I believe the newer pieces of equipment have alarms. If not there should be for the drivers to see or hear. Kind of seating alarm if there's weight and no connection of seatbelts.
We can only wait and see.
I agree, buckel your ares' in
Judi Dixon
You are correct, Spartan Chassis's new rigs are designed with seatbelt sensors that alert the driver that there is an unbuckled seatbelt in the cab (unoccupied seats are accounted for)---I also read somewhere, and I'll have to go look it up again....that one of the manufacturers is designing a fire engine which won't allow the operator to put the vehicle in drive until all belts are buckled.

My thought on this is .....hey, great....but being the ingenious folks that we are.....I just know that someone, or actually a lot of someones will figure out a way to get around the system designed to save their lives....because we're just a special kind of stupid.

It's STILL going to have to come back to the line officers enforcing the belt rule. No belts, no roll.
Yep, ALF has the alarms in the seats and I have seen some real Brain Surgeons actually leave the seatbelt latched and sit on top of it. It amazes me the degree some will take in order to sidestep policy. They work harder to get out of it than it takes to adhere. Me? I'm too close to retirement to take uneccessary chances. The job is dangerous enough without 'Poking the bear"


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