I realized a while ago that I have been coasting in my faith, to the point of neglecting my relationship with God. Now, I find that there is more doubt and fear than belief. I think the faith I had before was more what people (family, etc.) gave me, not my own. But I am really struggling to build my own faith, my own relationship with God.

Without that strong foundation at the center of my life, I feel somewhat lost. To fulfill my calling as a firefighter and to serve others, I need Christ at the center of my life, for strength to go beyond what I alone can do... but I'm struggling to find Him.

I would appreciate any advice, personal stories, or scriptures any of you might have... if nothing else, please pray for me.

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Cassie, first and foremost, the Lord has left you nor forsaken you. We move or turn from the truth to believe a lie. God is and has been there all along. The fact that your heart is yearning for Gods love and strength says allot about that. You need to recognize that God is still right there with you and communicate with Him. Seek fellowship with others and be encouraged in the faith. When we realize that there is something missing and we miss the knowledge of Gods presence in our lives its Gods gentle reminder that He is there longing for our fellowship and love. Reach out to Him and seek Him with all your heart. He will meet you right where you are.
Thanks for replying, every new reply of support on here lifts my spirits. I'm still struggling and I have unanswered questions that plague me... but there are also moments it's all clear. I'm really trying to focus on listening for God instead of complaining or arguing with Him. Thanks for the advice and prayers. Please keep them going... my journey is far from over and I'd love all the support I can get.
Thanks for your advice and support. I've got a long way to go, but the prayers and loving support of fellow Christians are holding me up when I feel ready to fall.
I'm praying for you. Keep praying for me... there's a long journey in front of the both of us.
I'll pray for you. It's nice to know I don't stand alone in my struggle.
Your journey will not be over in this lifetime, the trick is to keep moving in the direction of the Lord.
As firefighters we are busy people. We are busy working, training, learning new skills, and trying to squeeze in family time where we can. Just like neglecting or being to busy to spend quality time can deteriorate relationships at home, the same can be said for our relationship with God. There is no easy answer and its something that I know I struggle with, as well, trying to keep everything in balance. Sometimes I need just pull back a little on the reins and re-center myself. Going to church can be a help, but sometimes just knowing where to go in God's word to find an answer is a help too...generally, I find solace in the Psalms or Proverbs. Just like on the fireground, none of us can do it alone. Keep in mind Proverbs 24:16, "A just man (person) falls seven times and rises again...". Just keep getting up and starting again, that's the key.
Just checkin' in. My prayers are with you.
Ummm.... okay. I'm holding in there. I have better days and worse days as far as the state of my faith/awareness of God goes. There were a couple really good moments when I went to a new church here in California, where I'm just finishing my summer internship.

I've got so many questions and doubts... and it's hard to find answers. I'm thinking of looking for some literature about what other Christians think, answers others have found in studying the Bible, etc. Hopefully I'll be able to make some progress on a more intellectual level doing that.

I've also been trying to bring God into my life more, taking time to pray before bed and other little things like that to keep Him always on my mind.

Thanks for asking, it's comforting to know there is a community of fellow Christians and fellow firefighters supporting me.
Hey, thanks. I really appreciate you checking in. Your prayers mean a lot to me.
cassie i hope u r doing good i know its tuff but one thing that helps me is it says in his word that him murceys r renewed daily, that any mistakes we make he is faithfull and just to forgive us and cleanse ur from all unrightiosness( 1john 1:9)
hope this helps and know im praying for u

if u ever need any1 to talk to my email is
It stormed here last night and hailed. This is a beautiful crisp, clean morning, complete with a pair of spotted fawns. Brought to us by guess who? My prayers are with you still.


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