Whats up guys? I'm looking for a 5' New York Roof hook. I was wondering if anyone had one in their possession. I am going to be making a Vulcan Hook or as some people know, a Farr Barr, I already have a haligan that I am willing to destroy.

And to make this more than a classified ad, What is your favorite tool to grab off the truck and go to work?

Mine is the 5' Vulcan Hook. I have used it a bunch of times and it has never let me down. If I do not have access to that tool a 5 or 6 foot NY hook and a haligan.

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I've noticed on here no one has said it the vulcan hook was named after its main creator Lt. Pete "The Vulcan" Lund R-2 FDNY, TL33 Kentland VFC, And Woodmere FD. Perished from a cardiac event while operating at a 2 story residential in New York.
your not a ladder guy then
We are actually working on designated tool assignments so each member will have a designated tool to grab specific to his/her job assignment. Also, the tools that a member grabs may differ based on the type of call and the type of building construction.

Presently, as the Truck Officer, my tool assignment is a 6 ft roof hook, a haligan, TIC, and a box light. In my own limited experience, I have found that this tool combination has never let me down if applied correctly and if complimented with another member who has a different tool assignment.

In my own humble opinion, a members favorite tool is irrelevant if he/she does not know how to use the tool to its' ultimate potential as well as knowing the tools limitations as well. All to often we see Departments arrive on scene and everyone is carrying the same tool, if any tool at all. Anyone who has spent any serious time actually using tools at fires can watch someone carrying a tool and be able to tell that the only reason they have a tool is because they were told to grab something even though they have no idea what to do with it. For example, how many times have you seen a member try to walk into a single family 1 story residential structure with a 20 ft pike pole. The only thing he/she will accomplish is lokking like a trapeze artist on scene.

So, my favorite tool is whatever best compliments the rest of my Company for the given scenario.
This is my personel tool, i keep it on my belt just in case i need it

My tools of choice are the tools for the "canman"....6' NY hook and a 2.5 gal. PW can.

always and forever tic/lightbox/crashax and tnt tool this is what i take in with me every time i go into a structure either commercial or residential


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