Tradition holds in most "Real departments" (ie: the bigones) That truckies are the big guys, the gorillas , and whatever else theymight call us ... I've stated before that in 1995 They closed my truck down, sadly, and exposed My 1st due district to a world of delayed responses by a few minutes... naturally the powers to be dont give a rats' rear end But ulltimately I stayed in my house and have spent the last few years riding one of the two pumps... versatility, sure whatever ... Here's a pick of me and my crew one saturday afternoon after knocking down a fire in the brown Vacant behind the Engine.., Not a bad looking fire, except the entire Rear (C side ) is open to the elements from top to bottom, I'm the one sittingon the running board , not because I am tired as much as thats how much out of place I make the other guys Look in Photo

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Good lookin' shot of the boys. I'm gonna have to find a picture to put on here of my last truck company. I'll be back...
hmmm.. guess Mick fell outta the
No, just came down with the worst flu money can buy. Now I'm wading through a week and a half of e-mail. I didn't find the picture though...
well, welcome back theworld of the living.. Please donttouch anything.. for a few more days in Glad your feeling better..!! Happy late St. patrick's day and Easter wabbit too..
Yeah, I'm still working on getting the speed wobbles out of my keyboard. When you have several hundred e-mails to deal with, playing on the Nation ends up being an exercise in speed posting.
As anyone who has read my posts by now knows, we have no truck. But I have all the gorillas on my engine. Even got a skinny guy that I will put up against any gorilla elsewhere (not sure how he does it but he does). As for closing your house, that blows. I wish the bean counters would have to pay out of their pockets the loss when a response is delayed due to their cuts!
it's my understanding, that Bridgeport is a very good, agressive, and traditional FD. You have alot to be proud of. Keep up the good work. Stay smart and stay safe
Thanks Shareef, I can tell you, That I'd never have expected to see some of the changes since I got hired...
same as everywhere, but maybe a bit later then I've tryed my best my whole career to stay smart and keep from being dulled... :) and I'm always "suggesting" to the guys I work with things to keep them safe, on all sorts of levels... Most of the time its important and educational and I know I've made a differance, on various levels.. thats what counts...


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