For some of the engine people who saw the group "Cancel The Engine" and thought there was some shiny object on here for them, and now they aren't quite sure:

You know you are a truckie if, when called to a medical, the tool you bring inside is a shovel.

The rest of you, feel free to fill in the blanks.

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You might be a truckie if while the engines are turning around in driveways you have to back down a 1 mile narrow dirt road to get to hard top before turning around.
When you arrive tillering an open cab tiller and you have to cover your face from the radiant heat from the job!!

Stay Safe!
at risk of NOT sounding like I'm supposed to be on tour with Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the cable guy..etc. You might belong one the truck, if you respond on a still on the engine ( I've stated before They closed my truck many years ago...) to a report of an alarm going off in a 2nd floor apartent, hearing nothingThe officer suggests we grab the 24' pumper extension ladder and atk e peek in he window, so I , with a Two month on the line rookie grab the Ladder(s) lol yeah, I didnt remove the roof ladder, Just grabbed em both, the kid wasnt even gonna question me, so he grabbed both as well.. only when I took the roof into my left with the 24 in my right did he even begin to wonder What the heck I was Mondo Throw Ladda ugh !!
You're detailed to the engine and tell the Captain, "You guys pull the hose...I'll be off freelancing."
You might be a truckie if.......

Your gear is a little more "salty" from opening up.
You know that insulation doesn’t make you itch.
You know how to mix the gas without doing a lot of math.
You are still inside while the Engine crew is outside sitting telling everybody how they were in there "doing it".
You know you're a truckie when the extrication is complete, the medic asks for a "4 x 4" and you hand him a piece of cribbing.

You know you're a truckie when you think cleaning up after a fire involves steel wool, 2.5 gallons of water, and a pressurized air hose.

You know you're a truckie when you don't have no steenking reel lines on your hydraulic rescue tools.

You know you're a truckie when your apparatus logo says "Cancel the Engine"

You know you're a truckie on a tower ladder when your apparatus logo says "Why climb the stairs when you can ride the elevator?"

You know you're a truckie when you think dyslexia is part of the tillerman's job description.

You know you're a truckie you don't need to know your 1st-due hydrant locations.

You know you're a truckie when you understand the difference between a fire engine and a fire TRUCK!
Sorry had to go there when you name your manhood tiller
You know you're a truckie if:

When parking your personal truck you're looking to see whether you can scrub two sides of the building....

The gorilla exhibit at the zoo reminds you of your crew... :)

The gorillas wave
You know when your a truckie is when they say take the door you take the whole frame with it in one shot
You know your a truckie when you push that illegally parked engine out of the way so you can have the front of the building.
You know your a Truckie if you swing wide in your personal vehicle and check the sideviews as you turn..
You know your Truckie when you have more chocks in your helmet band than emts do bumper stickers.
and here is a slight change to the statement ..but same point..
Everyone else on the scene knows your a Truckie when you do a search crouching and fast while others crawl..


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