How many of you have equipment in your station (beoynd your HT strapped to your hip)?

I am in the process of installing a few antennas at my station so I will be able to put an HF rig and a 2m/70cm rig in the station in the event of an emergency (and so I can play radio durring down time of course...CQ DX CQ DX). One community in my area has a 2m/70cm rig and antenna (paid for by the city installed by hams) in each of the 4 fire stations and a 2m/70cm rig and a HF rig in the city EOC (also paid for by the city installed by hams). Just curious how many places have equipment in fire stations.

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I know of only 1 so far in my area. Our county ALS squad has an actual "shack" in their building and licensed members who use it. Other than that...I know of no others in the area. I'd like to set something up like that though that encompases the whole county.
So far mine will be the only one in my county I know of. Not going to have a full up dedicated shack, but I will be able to get the job done if it hits the fan (and screw around between calls!).
My Department has started licensing Firefighters in Ham Radio. It is a great back up and a good team builder to get the department together for field day this year. They learned to sort through confusion during field day and became better communicators on our Public Safety Radios. Ham Radio does have something to teach Public Safety Communication.... Communication Skills!!!
ChiefGanett What/Where is your dept? I'm the ARES / EC here in Durham Co NC, and long time member of Parkwood VFD ( and have been researching how to get fellow members involved in amateur radio..Any ideas, would be welcome..Randy
We have the equipment in our dispatch center and send a ham down there when needed....can't get the dispatchers interested in getting their license but they are usually too busy anyway.

We are located in Northern Charleston County, South Carolina. My Firefighters were introduced to Amateur Radio just prior to Field Day. We installed a HF rig in our Comm Trailer, built a 20 meter dipole and as a control operator I let them work a little DX. They learned communications skills and how to deal with HF conditions.

With a green crew of 14 firefighters during field day, they had a blast working HF. A communications station was set up in a field and they seen the association to the fire service in a disaster situation . If everyone would use HF to teach radio skills, It makes the fire ground communications much better. They have to make out conversations. A how to class in the bay doesn't simulate what your trying to teach them.

Show them to Listen and listen hard to weak signals, a skill will start to develope! most enjoyed and want to do more HF work. and fireground communications are much better.

More of them are getting licensed so they can operate our Amateur Radio Equipment.

Good Luck!!

Chief Gantt
We have been trying to get most of our people HAM licensed over the past 2 years. We use HAM as our last resort communications system should all else fail, and have a Yeasu FT-8800 installed in each fire station (we have 49 fire stations). A radio plan was developed in conjunction with our local HAM repeater coordinator as well.

Message or e-mail me if you want more information.

Capt. Craig Prusansky
Palm Beach County (FL) Fire-Rescue


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