Tell us about your first firefighting/ems call Tell us stuff like "What was the most scarest,best thing"and what did you learn from this call. Please share your story.

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My first call was a 2 story abandoned farm house. When we rolled up the rear of the house was on fire. My heart was racing! We made entry through the front and called for mutual aid from another dept. The fire had gone through the attic and down behind us. It got so bad that we had to go defensive. I eventually got teamed up with the chief from the other dept. on a line spraying in through a downstairs window on the A side of the house. He was wearing only a helmet, an open jacket, and boots. No hood, no bunker pants and no pack. He was on the nozzel and while spraying inside this window he hit a mattress or something like that and the embers and burning material came back at him and went down his shirt. He tried to run backwards but only knocked me down and fell on me. That was when I learned the importance of wearing all of your proper PPE and to never let a Chief on a nozzel. (LOL) Anyway, that was 13 yrs. ago. I was so stoked at the time that I went to subway on my lunch break from high school and bought dinner for me, my mom, and my dad. Hey, Subway was new in town at that time!!!

Stay safe brothers and sisters!!!!
This was not my first actual fire call.But this one was a fully involved barn fire. There was about 200 bales of hay in the barn. It started by a faulty wire that sparked and caught the hay in the barn on fire. I've been on just a few calls before this one but this one stuck out the most. I was fresh out of ff1just finished like two/three days before this fire. The thing that i remember the most was how hot the fire was. I learned that a two and a half hose has ALOT of pressure. When I got to the scene I get all my gear on (yes i had it in my pov) and just stopped in my tracks and just looked at the barn asif it was an animal that was just about to bite me. that was the most scarest moment of my life at that time anyway.I finally got the courage to go grab a hose off the truck and started to put the fire out.The hose that I grabbed was a two and a half big mistake! I knew that was a bad idea but I did it anyway.I just was going to grab and pull the hose and wait for help. I called the pump opperater and told him to charge the line But apperanly the nozzle was open and I didn't check to see if it was or wasn't. When he charged the line I was sitting on it so I could man it by myself when he charged the line it pulled out of my hands went flying all around (good thing I was sitting on the hose).When I finally got it under control everything went great.
my very first call i got stuck babysitting my chiefs son and my captains daughter on a hot box. the first one i got out of the truck on was a 2 car mva coal truck versus pickup were a 75 year old man was entraped. it was me and a senior firefighter responding mutual aid. our box for the jaws got drove into mud by a rookie emt so we were pretty much useless, but we got him out ok and the man lasted for about 3-4 months before he past of complications. i learned that day that things move really fast and that it wasnt all fun n games to be a firemen.
My first real fire call was a log cabin fire. We could see the flames from the interpass in town my heart started racing the minute i saw it from the bridge. When we rolled up on scene my heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest. The Fire had already taken the back of the house by the time we got there. I started getting out all of the equipment then i started figuring out who needed help. That was my most intresting fire and close to my first fire call.
My first call was to a brush fire. It was before I was even a Jr. FF. My uncle was on the department and pulled me on the tailboard to go along to the call. That was over 40 yrs ago. He got it all started. God bless him.
What was the thing about this that got you hooked?
HAHA My First call was a alarm but happend to turn out to be a false alarm.
My first fire was a house fire which it was a total lost and it hurt more becuse the house was a personal friends
my first call was fully involved structure fire it was a 2 story house that was being fixed up useing boards from skids that they were takeing apart and staining then putting them on the wall we got toned out and i didnt get to the station on time so the first truck was gone and i was told to take our rescue van when we got there i set up the vent fan and the cheif asked me to pack up i was going in on a 2nd line i got so excited that when i got back to the van to get packed up i turned to say something to another ff and when i turned back our engineer had moved the van about 20 ft away with my pack helmet and gloves when i got packed up the cheif sent me in with a Lt who told me not to be worried (yeah well i was still scared shitless) when we got in we was 20 ft and the lt told me to do a quick search and when i turned around i got a radio call the our door we was useing was on fire i told the lt he sprayed and we heard a pop noise then we heard it 2 more times come to find out it was a 22 semi rifle going off due to the heat yeah like i wasnt worried then i sucked my bottle dry when we got it out we was doing our clean up and we found a room that was built into a wall and found out it was packed with cases of ammo what i found out was yeah i can be scared and still do my job and never trust a wall you never know whats the other side
I bet that was a call that you will never forget!!
my first call was a totally involved car fire on the interstate. I was the second one there, one Lt. from my company was there getting the truck ready. we were just getting ready to pull out when my father came in and jumped on. he's a Lt. on the other company. we pulled up to the vehicle and nobody was hurt so my dad grabbed the hose and told me to get behind him. the other Lt. was running the pump. my heart was pumping all the way to the fire but when we got there i just followed orders, ready to get to work. i thought it was the coolest thing for me and my dad to be the ones to put the fire out on my first run. i can't see anybody going on their first run and not get hooked to this job. wat a rush!
The night I got voted on my VFD, the guy who handled radios and pagers was on vacation. I had a department text pager (which showed our CAD output) already as a trainee, but couldn't get a Minitor. My Captain told me to go ahead and respond as I could with the text pager (which was usually delayed a couple minutes after the radio page).

About two that night, the pager went off for a medical, so I responded. I got there as they were wheeling the guy out to the ambulance. There were only two FFs there, and I asked one if this was a normal response for a medical call.

He said, "No, everyone else is at the structure fire."

Turns out there'd been a mutual aid call for our engine for a house fire in the neighboring town...and only a couple blocks from my house . It was then that I learned that mutual aid calls didn't show up on the text pager.

I managed to convince one of the officers to get me a Minitor the next day, but I ended up waiting about 10 months for our next structure fire.
my first call ever was to a MVA. it was around may with graduations going on. A 3/4 ton chevy with a gooseneck trailer ran through the intersection and t-boned a small sedan. There was an old couple in the vehicle and their car was spun into the ditch facing the opposite direction. The truck was fine, had a little damage, the sedan though had lots of damage. The driver and front passenger were fine, but the lady in the back seat required CPR as soon as we arrived on scene. Luckily (this was when I was at our volly station) we were having a graduation party at my friends house (who happened to be my capt) and he lived less than 2miles from our station, and the accident was down the road from the station, so we got there within 5minutes. TCSS

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