So my department has a 4500 gallon tri-axle monster of a tanker that we have given the nickname "the whale." I want to know if anyone has anything bigger. I dont know how to upload a photo from a differant computer but if you check out my page there is a pix of it somewhere. You will notice it (the big white truck) LOL

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We have three truck that hold 2000 gallons. One is our Engine that has a 1250 GPM pump One is a Tanker that has a dump chute but also has a 1250 GPM pump ur last one is a straight up tanker so we roll with 6000 gallons of water
we just have a 3000 gl KW. Have 5 more coming ,mutual aid on house fires.

ironic you should post this because back in the 80's just after a "blow up" between a dispatcher and a chief over correct termonolgy use, this chief went to a fire and requested a "mutual aid tanker to the scene" the dispatcher asked "where the chief wanted the drop" then had to eat a little crow and request a tender. he tried to burn the dispatcher but the Comm Chief backed him up because "thats what he asked for"

some things you cant change-LOL
now thats a tanker, lol. we have a 2800 gal tandem

Even though the last post is already more than I year old I still find the topic interesting ^^

So at our station we have two Tankers, one with a 686 gal tank (the truck is a Mercedes-Benz form 1989 and will be replaced by a Rescue Engine next winter), the other Tanker is a brand new Rosenbauer AT3 with a 1320 gal tank, here's a pic of it:

We don't need anything bigger since we only run in the city, and even though the historic city center is close to 2000 years old and has a lot of the old structure, there's a very good water supply. There are at least two further Tankers in the city at the VFD, and the factory FD from the local BMW plant probably has one as well, same with the state's fire-fighting school in the city.

But I do know some FDs over here which run Tankers with 3500, 4028 or 6472 gallon Tankers:

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