The most obvious answer(s) would be dying, being trapped, LODD's, etc, but I think all of us have some other little fears in the fire service such as:

- Being I.C. at a massive incident
- Heights
- Water rescue (maybe because you can't swim real well)

Mine would have to be pump operations. It's maybe not a "fear", but a lack of confidence in operating the truck the way it should be for the incident at hand.

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Definately heights. I could do it if I am the only person there.
None whatsoever eh!? LOL

I'm a thinkin' you might be telling a wee little white lie. ;o )
It took almost 18 years before I was in an accident while responding to an emergency. The driver got the tire just off the side of the road at about 35mph and we went into a 45 degree angle whipping down a ditch. None of us hurt and the only thing that broke on the truck was a knob for one of the drains.

So, err, umm, yea, I have a bit of a nervousness in that truck anymore. LOL
Get dispached to a call and it be a family member
First of all, I don't lie, When I say I have No Fear, I mean just that. Sorry it's hard for
you to beleive, but that's just who I am. If you knew me, you would see that for yourself.
And if you want to LOL, just look in the mirror. Don't try to insult me by calling me a
For me the thing that I fear the most is to not succeed. To not succeed in saving the life of someone trapped in a structure that is burning. to not succeed in saving someones home. to not be able to save someone that is in cardiac arrest. For me i dont want to get hurt but i am not really afraid of it. I am afraid of failing though. We are here to help others and when we can not succeed in doing so it does get to you.
my biggest fear is Falling into a basement or any call where a family member is seriously hurt or killed
MIne is falling through a roof or floor into the fire floor.
My biggest "fear" is that I somehow let my partner or my Crew down and someone gets hurt or worse...I have to be careful to not get paralysis by analysis...and I have to work a little harder, train a little harder, study a little more so that I am at ease with my decisions....Stay safe, Keep the Faith.....Paul
I wonder if any of us fear that the guys we work with might see that every once in a while, I still get in situations that scare the s**t out of me.

I fear that some of the things that I may have chosen to overlook or not attempt to correct might endanger some young man or woman down the line.

There's a couple, to start.

My biggest fear by far is that I won't be able to help someone when they need me.
Failure at a scene. Whether it be a rescue, decision making, observation, monitoring conditions, missing an important sign, making the right decisions, looking out for the safety of my crews, etc. The fear of failure on a scene is what drives me to train, learn, observe, read, etc. to prepare the best I can when faced with an emergency.

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