Out of all the many careers choices, opportunities and rewarding experiences, would you want your son or daughter to become a firefighter?  

Firefighting is one of the most self less jobs around.  It takes loyalty and trust that is hard to find in any other career.  If your son or daughter said that they wanted to be firefighters, would you say "Absolutely!"

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Like my parents told me, they would be happy no matter what profession I decided to do. My sentiment as well.
Absolutely !!!

I believe strongly in community service. Firefighting is an excellent way to serve.

The lineage permits me to teach safety and other components beyond book knowledge as well.
I dont have kids yet but there is no way that i would consider stopping them from joining the fire service.
I have learnt so much from being part of it and the family that you get from it is amazing. Im trying to get my little bro to sign up when hes old enough.
Why not?

It would make me proud.
One is a Lieutenant, and another is an EMS Supervisor for my department. So I guess my answer would be... I'd support them no matter what they decided to do. But I am proud of the fact they chose to follow in my foot steps.
Some day down the road when I actually have children and if they do decid this is what they want to do I will support them 110 percent. Like my parents both did for me when I decided I wanted to join the fire service.
Well said....
This is almost like asking if you want your children to serve in the military..... I am proud no matter what she does so long as she is happy with her life.
In agreement with everyone else, would be proud of their decision, no matter what.
I was just listening to todays news and got a little angry. While we strive to save peoples homes or rescue the people inside, bankers are working overtime to foreclose on them. I would totally want my son on the saving side.
I would take after my father in the way he raised me... My father was a California Highway Patrol officer for 35 years... He never pushed me to follow his footsteps or even ever suggested it... I made the choice at an early age on my own to want to be like my dad... He supported me when I decided to take the agencys tests and helped me along the way with the preparation, but he was never disappointed when I did not make it. He and my mother always sup[ported me in whatever decisions I made for jobs... As long as i was working and happy with where i was, then they were supportive. I will be the same way with my children... My children love going to the fire station and climbing around on all the engines and trucks, but when they choose to be something other than a firefighter or a police officer I am okay with that... Life will be much harder for them I believe when they hit the employment age, and they will have to make their own decisions on what to do with their lives... Of course I will be thrilled if they choose to follow my footsteps or my fathers, but I will be happy that they just turn out well also...
There are only a few jobs/careers in the world that have such a tight knit family way to them and this is probably top of the list, a long with the armed forces of course. So from that perspective I would love my future child to join the FD. But, from a fatherly point of view I don't know how I would handle knowing my child is putting themselves in possible danger like we do. I hope I can afford to give them a great education and allow them to become a doctor or something along those lines, where they can help but have it a lot easier money and safety wise. I would be happy with whatever they choose as long as it is the right side of the law.

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