Just curious as to what little nuggets of wisdom someone passed onto you that would be nice to pass along to the "next generation"

Here's two of no particular importance that were told to me:

> for hard of hearing patients....place your stethoscope in your patients ears and talk into the bell. A really smart ER doc showed us that one with a patient we brought into the ER with no idea what was wrong because of a communication problem. My partner and I just stood there looking stupidly at each other as the doc got a detailed history from the patient. 

>for front zipper boots - use zip ties instead of laces, cheaper and easier to replace. I now have boots and zip ties that have more time in an ambulance than some of my partners

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Thanks for all the replies. I posted this to for my daughter to see what people outside of our area had to say. Now she realizes that its not just her old man that goes around saying this stuff


Stay Safe and Merry Christmas





This is the one i tell are guys. Sometimes it is better to sit and keep your mouth shut and make people think you are stupid; Then to open it and remove all doubt!  

How about this one...In the light of recent events, make sure to hug your kids, and your significant other before heading off to the fire station to work, or off to a call as a volly.  We are now the same as everyone else, nothing more than a target of the psychos that run rampant on the streets of our country.  There were never an guarantees that we would return home alive from our shift or from a call on our volly FDs.  We accept the risk of firefighting, but not the risk of being murdered.


This is NOT an anti-gun rant by any means, but it is a statement on the condition of society in the United States today.   

Very nice Don.

Thanks Brother...

This has been a sad weekend and begnning of the wek for me.  A long time Fire Chief, that I considered one of the good guys, from Brooklyn Wisconsin passed away from a heart attack after a call, a police officer in the city I work in was murdered, and now the shootings, and murder, of those firefighters in Webster. 

Truth is we never know in this business and the unexpected keeps happening more and more often these days.

Sorry to hear that Don, Hope your week gets better. Been on the phone with the chief in Webster. It has been a rough day for them. I think they have a hard long road ahead of them to recover from this shock.

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