I am looking for any and all female fire fighters who have passed CPAT. Guys, your input is welcome on this one too. I know guys who have done it and they muscle their way through most of the test. That method didnt do it for me. I didnt pass my CPAT last year, so im up for go number two. I am looking for advice, your stories of how you got through, any thing I can get. I training my butt off and want to take ever chance i have to pass this time. If your a female firefighter and you've passed or even trained for this tell me your story.

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Sorry ladies, but this is a sore topic. CPAT, No way! Do they make fighting fire easier when women are on the job? You know make the hose light, ladders lighter, water lighter; maybe you could just pick up the lighter people and tell the heavier ones sorry you have to walk out or die.

There are tons of "guys" that can’t pass and they should not be firefighters. If a woman can pass a normal test GOD bless her and I will stand right next to her and work with her, but if it means I have to lower the level so weaker people can make it on because they want to be firefighters, NO!

It is life; it is reality; this job like many others is not meant for everyone. Lowering the playing field so everyone can make on the job is stupid and dangerous!

Oh Boy!
I worked at in shape city... and when i trained for it the thing that helped me was they had a stair stepper machine exactly like the one they use...and i threw on my police boyfriends kavlar and a few extra ankle weights and went at it.. thats the only extra thing i did. Im not big framed either and only 5'4 and i did it so u can too... for me it was mostly about my mindset i went in telling myself "u got this... nothing special about it ull pass with flying colors." My upper body strength is pretty non existant so i had to find other methods of doin anything that had to do with upper body strength.
Yes it is!
I have to tell you... since a woman some where in the US of A failed the CPAT, then complained that it was an unfair test and demanded to repeat it, candidates are given up to three tries to pass this test in some cities (maybe all now... not sure??).

It's a joke. Yes, the test is a lot easier than the old infrac test, and now if you fail, you can whine, pay more money, fail again, pay more money and maybe pass on the third try with no realization that the job is going to kick you in the ass if you can't even pass that on your first try!
Please keep in mind, if you are working out to do the test... DO NOT STOP WORKING OUT AFTER YOU HAVE PASSED IT!! Fighting a tough fire is a hell of a lot harder than the CPAT. There are times you wil be hauling heavy equipment, 35 foot ladders, 2.5 hoselines, high vol, etc, by yourself or with one other. Don't fool yourselves to think that getting on the job is where the hard work ends... stay in the gym, work just as hard to stay on as you did to get on. Starting to train 6 months before the test is admirable, but only if you intend on continuing to train. It's not a pass/fail test for one day, its a pass/fail test for the rest of your life. Please do not forget this! Your life or the life of a crew member may very well depend on this!

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