I am looking for any and all female fire fighters who have passed CPAT. Guys, your input is welcome on this one too. I know guys who have done it and they muscle their way through most of the test. That method didnt do it for me. I didnt pass my CPAT last year, so im up for go number two. I am looking for advice, your stories of how you got through, any thing I can get. I training my butt off and want to take ever chance i have to pass this time. If your a female firefighter and you've passed or even trained for this tell me your story.

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In Ohio I had found a site where they had exercises that you can do to help get ready for the CPAT test, unfortunately I cannot remember the site nor do I still have it, You can always do a search on it and maybe find some good routines. Good Luck on taking it.
legs and lungs. I hope you've been in the gym since your last attempt. I tried to convince a fella here to get into the gym and get ready, 8 days before the test he asked, "What can I do to get ready?" and I said pray!

You don't need anything fancy. I did (and now do again, 8 years later) a simple two day split at the gym on weights.
day 1
split squat
shoulder press
day 2
lat pulldown
back extensions
hip extensions (kickbacks basically... keep the leg straight, don't let it turn out)
All done to technical failure (look it up)
4 sets of 5 or 6 for big muslce groups
3 sets of 8 for smaller
5 days of running (or cycling), use one of those days as intervals so you do short spurt and recovery work (1-2 minute intervals... not sprints... hard as you can maintain for that amount of time, same amount of time for recovery x5)
easy running three days, hard run one day, intervals one day, spead the weights out as far apart (so 3 or 4 days between), to get optimum use of your muscles.
This was set up by a coach with a masters in Exercise Physiology, he's been studying this for a decade. It works, I was in the best shape of my life until I decided to mix it up. Back to basics back to being stronger than ever.

It doesn't have to be hard or specific to the test. it should be specific to lifelong fitness and being able to do the job. Do not leave it to the last minute and do not stop working out after the test, like some applicants do. Be your own best safety officer, get strong, stay strong!
I would also reccomend the following for the treadmill....it increased my lung capacity and leg endurance in a big way:

Set the treadmill for manual---run at an easy pace (around 5.5) for five minutes...ramp it up to about a 6.5-7.0 for five minutes....slow it down to 2.7...set the incline to 6.0...and (carefully) turn around and run backwards for five minutes (keep your eyes down on the belt--it helps for balance)....then turn the incline back to 0....slow the belt down to 2.7...run sidesteps for two minutes facing one way, then turn and do two more minutes...THEN set the incline to 12 and run at 5.3 for five minutes.

Walk it off, hydrate, catch your breath for two minutes...then repeat the whole shebang.
Buy or get a weight vest and do lots of straight forward steps, remember CPAT is 75lbs 3min 20 sec on the steps at 60 steps/min, then as soon as you are done doing the steps immediately start a lifting routine, while your winded. I have proctored this test many times and being able to do the steps and the dummy drag are typically the hardest parts for anyone taking the test.
when I took a cpat, I worked out with my personal trainer for about six months before hand. I ate healther ran when i woke up in the morning, lifted weights for well over an hr four times a week and did a lot of swimming. I also have been in the fire service before that so I knew what I was getting into. A lot of people get a vest and work on the tredmil a lot. but dont forget to eat healthy
and reading a comment about the dummy drag.. As long as you learn the proper technique and go in with a good positive attiude you can do it!
I tell people the same thing for the CPAT. Have a Mountain Dew and a Cigarette right before the test. You will pass just fine. Your heart might explode afterwards, but you'll pass just fine ;oP
RFD - advising people to breath in toxic smoke? You know the term smoke-eater belong to the bad old days!
nope, im a pretty small person too....lol...5'2'' but if you find a place to pick up a larger frame bod let me know..lol
Great web link, thanks.
Ive been tryn to keep in good shape this winter. Im in the gym 5 days a week. Ill have to check out the technical failure. Thanks a bunch.
Got myself a vest and I do stairs almost every day plus my weight training. Healthy eating too, I know that makes a difference. Im positive all the way, thanks for the advice.

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