While riding third seat with our local ambulance service, we recieved a call, suppossedly reported by the Sheriff's Office of a farming accident with heavy bleeding. We RACE to the scene, prepairing for a terrible sight. Upon arrival, we learn that this farming accident is actually an intoxicated person who has put his own fist through his windshield, and had a small trickle of blood from his knuckles. We then found out from the S.O. on scene that he had warrants from another state, so they handcuffed him to our stretcher, then followed us to the ER.
Please post your craziest experiences.

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We ran a good one the other day. It's a sunday 1130 PM we get called to our local golf course for difficulty breathing. Thinking this was surley a mistake because nobody is at the golf course at 1130 pm I asked dispatch to repeat the address. Again they gave me the address to the golf course and advised the the police were on scene and had a female with difficulty breathing. So we respond, we pull in to the parking lot and nobody is there, no police cars nothing. So again I called dispatch and asked where the police were at. They advised me that we needed to proceed through the golf cart entrance and drive to the back of the course. So we finally find the police they have two vehicle stopped on the green some where anround the 9th hole I think it was. I got out and talked up to the cop and we told the young lady to jump in the ambulance and the cop said "watch your back around her" I laughed because this girl was 18 maybe 5'5 and 110lbs. So I am assessing the girl in the ambulance when another FF came up to me with a note and told me to read it. It said "do not let this girl near anything sharp" I wrote back "is she suicidal" He wrote "no she just helped her boyfriend break out of a juvenile detention center where she stabed a guard. Needless to say I gave her some Oxygen and got her the hell out of my ambulance. After the fact it turned out no guard was stabbed but she did supply the bolt cutters, Cut the perimiter fence and drove the getaway car. Such a sweet girl mommy and daddy must be proud!
Yeah, I had one where the guy called from a payphone telling dispatch that the voices in his head were telling him to kill himself and others. fun fun.
Why is an Explorer running third seat on an ambulance? Do you have all your hep series shots? Have you been trained in first aid, OSHA bio-hazards?

This another non/no in my department with explorers. We have a good post, but there is no place and time for a minor to see/hear/ and be ruined for life at some of the BS that we respond to.

Ever heard of HIPPA? I have seldom seen a younger Jr or Explorer NOT want to talk about the call or person they were just on...
Our ambulance company is privately owned, I have over 50 hours of EMS related training, and I am gaining valuable job experience. Just because some of you weren't mature enough at 17 to handle seeing what goes on in this field doen't mean I'm not. I know that when I pull on to a medical scene I'm there to save lives, not worry about how much bodily fluid is around. Oh, and I've had HIPPA training too.
Our ambulance company runs crews of 2. One EMT and a Paramedic.
Well I'm not a Firefighter (yet) but we were having a Fire Explorer Post meeting one night and over the loud speaker a call came in.. here's what the speaker said "Oakdale 98 Truck, Oakdale 97 truck we have a farm on fire with possible livestock on fire"

Everyone laughed for about a minute and then realized, O CRAP this is real, and we all had to leave and go to the fire!
It was great!
EMS call, I was not on but listened, it was our district. Interstate rest stop, possible, and I can’t remember the code, but they thought the guy was dead. Sure enough first in checks pulse, none, guy is 400lbs, got his arms and head on the bunk with knees on the floor and shows all the signs of being dead. Now the 2nd emt checks, did I mentioned these guys are good, been at it for a long time, he gets no pulse, cold, pooling blood, all the classic signs. yep he’s dead, call the coroner. Takes him about 45min to get there, gets all his stuff, tells the cops, be careful, might be a crime scene and gets in the cab. Starts taking pics, making notes checking things out, he's in there for about 10min, about that time the dead guy, pops up and asks what the hell you doing in my truck. Cops said the coroner came flying out, white as a ghost, tells them to call 911, then heads for the restrooms. I do believe he came out with different clothes on, I know I would.
Had a call That a youg boyfriend was really excited and confused. He was not the patient, but it was his girlfriend. His complaint was that he could not get her to quite having a org*?$!* . Once F.D. personnel was taken to her, she was just having a siezure in the middle. This was is what I heard from another firefighter.

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