Why Does the Older Firefighter Have a Problem with Juniors/Explorers?

in my company there r very few firefighters that like the junior program is that the same in every company or jus mine and how come kids say stuff about us calling us wanna bes if they only really new how much we doo ....

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Brian...Did you learn the fundamentals....such as respect...and honor ...and the unwritten code that goes with being a firefighter..."the faith...?? These one cannot learn from a book...it is something learned and earned from experience...or as some like to say "Older". Yes many jobs seem pointless and littleing...but you learn something from every job you are given...maybe just seeing if you will do the job completely and with pride or will run off as soon as someone isn't watching you...same goes with training...watch and see who takes the easy way out....good person to avoid in a real situation....if you have a thin skin then maybe the Fire service isn't for you...My 1st Chief told me that "Don't worry if the guys pick on you a bit...Worry when they don't....means they don't like or trust you." I was on the Department for over a year before I felt like one of them...I got an award and every member of the department stood upthen came up and shook my hand...then I knew i belonged....Stay safe and keep the faith..hang in there and show then you are worth the job.....Paul
Eddie....Please remember that training or joining a Fire Department doesn't make you a Firefighter...any more than voting makes you A President....You have to train long and hard then prove yourself to the men and women that you work with...it isn't an easy journey/nor should it be.....Lives depend on us every day and in the decisions we make...If we screw up then possibly there is someone that won't be coming home...and that young man is not something I want to ever be responsible for....Hang in there and do your training ...work hard...do what is asked of you and someday soon you will be accepted.....Stay safe and always remember to keep the faith....(Think about that one will you..?) Paul...One of the "OLD MEN".....LOL
The common 6-22 Attitude. (I know,I had it.) As far as the Wanna-be thing just ignore it you know and your department knows what you do. If others don't believe you it's just them being ignorant.
i think what it is,is that they think we get in the way but they dont know howmuch we help them
Hey Jess its your Captian John,this is a very good question and i might have an awnser for you.Let me first start off by saying you are doing an awesome job and i hope you never lose interest because you will be a very good firefighter in the future. I started the Department when i was fourteen and i was very nervous even with my dad being an asst chief because i knew that there were a certain few that despised the fact that the department was running a junior firefighter program,They were the older members of course ,but the majority of them were the ones that call themselves firefighters but are never around except for important meetings or only the big calls the best thing that i learned is to just ignore what those certain people think and,listen to the ones that are helping you and keeping you safe.Like so many people said in your replies there is always members that aren't happy with anything.For us FireFighters,Emts,First Responders,and Rescue Personnel that actually make an attempt to better are selfs,Unlike the people that just are in it for the title.Keep up the good work and be safe.
One thing about the fire service ...you can't be too sensitive. If they know they can get to you they never let up. I hope the old guys in your deparment are just kidding. They have to remember that we all had to start somewhere.
Don't you think this has run its course...?? Give it a rest please....Paul
cause they see us as a useless piece of crap.
so one year we cut the program out and well when the older FF needed something they had to get it there selfs then they relised how much we do help and then they shut there mouths about us :P
my brigade is really good
im the youngest they are really good to me and treat me equally even theo the age gap is like 14 yrs and above
but they look out for me and help me out when i need it
i get along with people very easily so its quiet good.

other teens saying stuff bout us
i get that alot but i jus think theyre jus jelouse
chop busting is just apart of the fh life...ima cadet im 16 im not sure about u but i go on calls... and with out use the senior ff 's wuld be having a tuff time remebering where everything was on the truck
We do not allow anyone less than 19 apply for our fire dept. But the new guys catch a lot of flack just for being the new guy, no matter how old he is. I have had rookies riding with me that are 10 years my senior. Now that's an odd feeling.

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