just wondering why because that stereotype thing got me wondering so anybody got any ideas i wont take offense to any of them there ansewers yall might give to me hahahaha jk lol

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Here in Texas all you have to do is turn on your scanner and sit back and listen. Like they say: Sometimes you just can't make this stuff up. Maybe it's the accent...
in everyone else's business + getting dirty & wet on purpose = redneck
It's not the South it is just your department, possibly because your equipment has chew stains down the sides of it!
If you were to look at the history of the volunteers in the US. When most volunteer depts were formed it was done by the wealthy. People like George Washington and Ben Franklin. They had the money to buy the equipment. As the years went by people needed fire service in their areas so they worked together to build it and run it.
So people thought about helping their community and they invited their friends and so some of them maybe a farmer, truck driver, mechanic, or some job that makes them out to be a REDNECK.
I have been a kitchen worker and then a county supply clerk. Does that make me a REDNECK?
Exactly... But most of them don't know it yet!
Because our fire trucks look like this!!!! (Not my image, just using for the thread)

What do you mean in the south, it's not just in the south. If folks knew where the term "redneck" really comes from they would and should be proud to be a "redneck". A group of miners that stood for what they believed. So all firefighter should be rednecks, because we know what its like to make a stand in overwhelming conditions.
I hate to say it, but from movies, TV, incounters with the odd tourist from the south, it is tough not to see you all as Rednecks........lol And lets faceit, Jeff Foxworthy doesn't help you any!..........lol The worst part is, I'm born, raised and live in the country, an hour from Toronto and my nick name is Billybob! I don't hunt, I don't fish, and I don't chew, but I don't see things in the same way as the city boys!
I love that truck........damn........i am a redneck!..........lol Acually I'm kind of proud of it and have been for years.......lol
I agree with the turning on the scanner comment. It only takes a few to make all look or sound bad. Most of the time it is volunteer depts with people who got in just to be able to wear there "find em hot, leave em wet" or"first in last out" shirt when in reality they wouldnt go in a burning house for nothing. There simply yardbreathers. I am not downing volunteers, God knows we need them. However some volunteers need to understand that the fire service is not a club, it is a vital service and having the word volunteer in the dept name does not mean they should not train and have a professional attitude. A lot of volunteer depts do a great job but people see those few"rescue randys" and stereotype all. Most of the time it is a lack of good leadership within the dept.
see "Who would think fire fighters have a sense of humor" discussion - where your shirt topic is hotly discussed

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