Why did you join the fire dept. the real reason?. My reason is because of my brother he OD and was unconsious and cold we called 911 two medic's showed up and the fire chief and 1 other volunteer . They needed more help and kept paging out are station . Finally a station from Virginia Beach showed up to assist and they got him out on life flight . That's when i realized that more people were needed at the fire dept. and about a week later the chief approched me and asked if i wanted to join so i took him up on it . And here i am in the academy getting trained . But that's my deal what's your's ?.

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Just wanted to help my community. I have always had a soft spot for this town, and have left once and won't make that mistake again. I have always been interested in the fire service and one of my brothers on the department who is a good friend as well, challenged me to give it 1 month, that was 2 years ago and countless hours of training. I havent looked back yet. Been through some rough calls, and loved every minuite of it. Wish I had made the move sooner and would love to be full-time somewhere, but that door hasn't opened yet.
it makes me feel like im giveing back to the community.
Why did i join the fire dept. is because i had friends on the dept and my parents were on the dept also. I knew the department needed help when they have to get paged three times to respond and then page again once they get to the scene for more help. I would never quit doing what i do today. Joining the small dept has made me think about changing what i want to do when i get older. So please stay safe out there and please remember the more help you have the better it always is.
i joined because my mother was an emt and i was always hanging around the ambulance station plus i lived down the street from it. so one i day i got tired of staying at the station while she went on calls so i joined. got my Va EMT-B certification when i was 16. when i was 18 i became shift Lt. for the ambulance and then i moved( still in the ambulance district but 8 miles from the station) and the local fire chief stopped by my house, he had seen me on alot of calls so he asked if i would join. at first i said yes but just for the ems side. then i said what the hell ill take FF1 so i can help out more on fire calls. after the fire academy i was hooked and been with the fire side every since. i guess you can say i joined because it was a family thing. my grandfather was a firefighter, my father was a firefighter, my mother was an emt, and im a firefighter and god willing my son and daughter will carry on this family tradition.
Really for all the wrong reasons. My husband is from this very small town, and I moved here from Atlanta. I was actually trying to prove to him that there was absolutely nothing interesting to do in town, and he sarcastically suggested I join the department. Well, I figured there was nothing else to do in town, so why not. But, the first fire I went to was a 400 acre brush fire, and I was hooked. I have always been an adrenaline junky of sorts, but the rush you get when you are surrounded by blazes is the best rush ever.
I originally joined to help out a friend. I always had an interest in firefighting but never saw myself being one until a friend asked me to join with her so she wouldn't be the only woman. I agreed and here I am. I love the adreniline rush, I love the feeling of helping someone in need, but most of all I love the sound of my daughters voice when she tells people "that her mom is a firefighter."
Well originally i joined because i wanted to try and show our community that not all teenagers are wanna-be gangsters that need directions on how to use a belt. after a couple calls i came to love what i was doing and i became more involved in it. Through the fire department i got in touch with the local Sheriff's Office and started doing ride-alongs. I then made it my dream to become a Sheriff's Deputy. I joined the Air Force to get more experience as a cop but i recieved a job as a firefighter and i cant wait to get my career in motion.
Nicely said fellow Firefighter. I am from a very small town and work at the districts fire departments (3). Its kind of funny, I was influenced by Johnny & Roy, (you know SQUAD 51) and the fact that I just always wanted to help people, I can't help it. I am hooked on the feeling of saving lives. Before I joined I knew zilch real firefighters on this planet, but the exiting part comes in the way of other firefighters I work with, you here these horror stories about Fire Departments treating probies like shit, well I then got lucky because these guys are the hero's of all hero's and I don't just mean to the community but also the kindness that these guys show toward all the other firefighters, Probies and all. We really are one big happy family. "heart and soul" is right, way to go Oregon. God's speed and please,stay safe out there!? again nicely said....
Thats awesome!!!
I joined because I read a article in the local paper saying the local departments (9 total) were looking for more vounteers, and besides I wanted to be one when I grew up. I am so glad I went to my department and joined. I have a new found respect not only for my firefighting brothers and sisters but also for the law enforcement brotherhood. It is a one-of-a-kind brother/sisterhood that exists in no other work or volunteer genre. I now help train others in our county, and I am privileged to train some of the best firefighters in our state. Ya'll be carefull and safe out there.

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It's in my blood...my Father, brother, numerous uncles & cousins are all FF's. My Mother (RIP) was an EMT....I'm a Firefighter/EMT in Wabeno, Wisconsin. This is my third department and my highest rank has been that of assistant chief. I like being front line and have been doing this since 1992. I can't imagine my life without it!!!


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