why cant jouinors ride trucks

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Because there are laws that say that people under a set age cannot be engaged in activities that could harm them? This means that those who allow the young person to ride the truck could be face criminal as well as civil cases.

Here in New Zealand the age set is 15 years. Other jurisdictions possibly have a different age, but all, are based around International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions http://www.ilo.org/ilolex/english/convdisp1.htm Have a look at C138 Minimum Age Convention, 1973 and C182 Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention, 1999 which the US Government ratified in 1999.
There are literally 1000s of things minors, those under 18, are barred by law from doing. You can't operate a deli slicer. My 17y/o daughter is barred from using a commercial disinfectant at the kennel she works at. Although for the most part a minor could easily do these tasks, the law says no. Since traffic accidents are the #2 cause of FF LODDs, barring juniors from riding apparatus probably isn't a bad idea.
I'll tell you that there are some places that will allow it if there is a waver signed by the minor's legal guardian, but then there are others who don't allow it simply for the liability of it. I know its a pain in the ass. I too was a kid who got told No.. So what'd I do? I hung around the station helping them roll hose, clean trucks, clean up after fires, etc. Eventually, they granted me the waiver. Now (12 years later), I'm a Captain at the department.

Keep your head up and remember, if you show them your drive and how determined you are, they'll see it, even if they act like they can't..
Iam 15yrs old and a cadet on a dept in missouri. Our department allows cadets to ride and engage in non direct attack of fire suppersion with some special cases. We are alound to do pretty much everything except make interior. The only way to get expeirence is to get out their and get hands on in the field. I have learned alot myself. I trust the guys with my life, and I feel completey safe getting into that truck even knowing that yes accidents do happen though.
You need to stop worrying so much about JUNIORS and spend a little time on spelling.
Grasshopper: The search tool is your friend. This is an old topic. Read it:


In fact, I recommend that you go to the "Forums" tab, select "Juniors" and scroll through the various topics that have already been discussed.

Unless you're trying to stir things up?
Here, kids can join as a Junior at 12. They stay Juniors until they turn 16. From 16 to 18 they can do full training and go on the fireground, with a mentor, as long as their parent/guardian has agreed in writing. At 18 you're an adult. Now, if Juniors were allowed on the fireground, do we put a line in somewhere to say at what age? Because no way do I want a 12 yo fighting fires with me.

There are a few pertinent posts here (even without doing as Joe Stoltz advises). International law. Local law. Brigade or Fire Department rulings. These things you must abide by, until you've picked up a few more years. Live with it mate, do what you can, train as you can, keep learning.

As a sideline, I find this interesting "a waver signed by the minor's legal guardian". In Australia a waiver such as this wouldn't be worth the paper it's written on, nobody here can sign away someone else's rights.
some fire dept dont nlet you ride in trucks
what im trying to get at is a lot of depts dont want jouiners to have pagers or respond to calls untill they are 18 and are a member
im a junior fireman in North Carolina.We can ride in trucks and respond to calls.And help out on scene But to be a junior legally you must be 15 by law in NC
Yes, we understand that James, but what is the issue you have with this? I would like to hear your point of view here and your reasoning for why juniors should be allowed on calls and have pagers.

From what I have seen of your postings it appears that you don't agree with the position of juniors not being allowed on calls. This is unfortunate but you must understand that life is full of decisions, almost always made by others, that you don't necessarily agree with. It doesn't mean others are wrong, nor does it mean you are right. It simply means that you have differing views on a subject.

As already explained by others and myself the rules that are in place that say juniors don't turnout to calls comes down to complying with the law of the land. From a more practical point of view it is also about ensuring the health and safety of both the juniors and the firefighters at scenes.
Because as firefighters, we have an obligation to train the explorers/juniors but also to protect them. Everyone knows that more firefighters are injured going to and coming from emergency scenes than at actual incidents. we are killing ourselves at an alarming rate in apparatus. Our explorers ride along with us, but even if they have a license they will never be allowed to drive an apparatus. Not because we are mean or insensitive, but because we care.


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