I was wanting to know why that you are in the fire service and what you look to get out of it.

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Thanks John I forgot them, it's just I have soooooo many!!!!
I like being part of helping a neighbor when he is having a bad day. It's a family niche, and we do it because it is our way to give back.
I grew up watching shows like Emergency! and CHiPs, but I never thought about making a career out of it. Flash forward a great many years; today I'm a volunteer, firefighter and EMT, and I quit my day job to do this full-time now. It most certainly is an adrenaline rush, great fun, and I get the chance to make the difference in somebody's life.
If I help out just one person only in my lifetime, it's all worth it.
lol...someone had to say it, Roy.
George....you quit your job so you can volunteer full time....? Like how do you support yourself and your family....?
Paul can't a guy just help without being payed, and just live on good intentions. You synic you!
I don't get a monetary paycheck from my department --- I get a whole lot more. Just the satisfaction of knowing that we've made a difference in a lot of people's lives. Plus the department is my second family. We keep things in perspective: Family, job, school, volunteerism - in that order.
Yup, that's me.....I am funny about things like responsibilities.....1st my Dad beat that into me as a smart ass kid and what he didn't have time to finish the Army took care of....I love Firefighting, I love my Department and those in it...I have gone to hell and back with many of them....but, I have responsibilities and bills to pay.....FAMILY must come first..then the job, and then the Department....A MAN does what a MAN has to do for his family
Norm...talking about George...Tells us he quit his job so he can volunteer full time.....
I don't know most of the time, I feel as if we lost that one. Even though we poured all we had in it. Its alot of work for no pay and I have seen things I wish I could unsee.
Its in my blood it's what I was meant to do, Nothing more or less.
I have yet to answer this question for myself, but I think I was called by God possibly...
seriously, i love to help people but the rush i get is freekin great! the lights, sound, fire, whatever... i love it and when i see a succesful call played out i sleep good...
done alot, been everywhere, but this is the most rewarding thing i feel i've done with my life next to being a dad...
I'm so proud of my nephue who got me started, he's at the 10 in L.A.

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