I was wanting to know why that you are in the fire service and what you look to get out of it.

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I am in the Fire Service because i want to help people, you know make a difference in life, and for the very well known brotherhood of the Fire Department
Well the judge told me "Son, its either the Fire service or jail" So here I am......LOL.....I started Vollie when I turned 17 as a way to "give back" to many people that had helped me as a child....and I never looked back...has been greater than 30 years now and I wouldn't trade a minute of it......what do I look to get out of it.....? That's easy....Not one blessed thing...If you do it for the right reasons just seeing the difference you might make just once makes all the work, all the missed famiy gatherings,all the missed sleep all woth it......sounds corny but that's it....I feel like instead of bitching and griping I might help try and make a difference....as a Vollie........and I do get something out of it........PRIDE
like Paul said.... except the 30 years and jail thing.lol
20 years later I'm still figuring out why & what. Ask me again after another 20 and maybe I'll be able to put it into words...Or maybe I'll be asking you.
I am in it to make a difference in someones life, helping people out, and to be part of a brotherhood that is so dedicated......
My passion for fires started at about 14 (joined at 16) when i was listening to the bushfire updates on the local radio station. Heard storys of all these ppl going out of their way to help others in need. At first i joined to be the hero who saves the world but these days its for the mates/family that can only be found in the fire service. And no matter where you are your brothers and sisters are there for you.
I want to help people in their time of need.
Why am I in the Fire Service? I love the fast pace work, its always something different, always challenging you in new ways, keeps you on your toes. Its an ever changing service, always something new to learn or try. I dont really look to get anything out of it along the lines of a pat on the back or any thing like that. I love putting my head down at night knowing i have helped someone in their time of need, there is no other feeling like it. When the person you helped stops by the department just to say thank you!
I was wanting to know why that you are in the fire service and what you look to get out of it.

I always wanted to be a police officer.
I got into the Fire Rescue service almost by accident. One of my co-workers mentioned that the department was recruiting volunteers, and asked if I was interested. Having some interest as a kid in my hometown, but no opportunity to join, I took the plunge.

Since that time, I have 18 years in the service, having worked for three different departments now (had to relocate twice with my job, but relocated to an area where I could still volunteer). During that time I have been on a path of continuous learning having achieved FF I & II, Fire Officer I, and various technicial rescue training programs.

I love being able to help people in their time of need. While there is no need for a reward, the reward does come when you get a simple "thank you" from someone you have helped, or from a member of your community for the service you provide. The reward also comes from the different people you meet and work with over the years.

For me it has been a very satisfying 18 years, and I don't see it ending any time soon !!

Stay safe out there !!
I do it for the big bucks, the women, and the lights on my POV.
Don't forget about the T-shirt too, Roy.

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