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Weather forecasters!  When did they become rockstars?  When the weather is good they act like they created it and like we should be thanking them personally for the warm, sunny day!  When they are wrong which is 50% of the time they never mention their mistake.  I hate those bastards.

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Are you SURE you want this list... ?

It's llllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggggggg.............
Safe-Ish know it alls
One at a time and I figured you would pipe up!
Focusing on FFN annoyances, folks out there that are posers would probably top the list. Next would be children who not only pose but embellish or invent an entire storyline. This is the part where I get mad at myself for being so trusting and gullible. The good news is that I am not alone here. These make believe firefighters pretty much fool most of us, but not for long...

Grammar and lack of fundamental writing skills is an annoyance. FFN posts that use text messaging style language should be reserved for mobile phones that make use of BBM, twitter, etc. I don't find it personally a bad thing to be able to read and write at a high school level. And if you ever have to write, god forbid, and incident report, and should you end up defending your actions, having a report that was written at a 3rd grade level is not going to cut it. You will get crucified.

Forum topics that are meaningless, having nothing to do with the fire service, for example can you imagine penning a post that asks what annoys the hell out of you? Oh... wait a minute... that's this post... :D Ummm... how's the weather?

Hey I posted this in the non-duty forums so don't give me any crap!
Well yes, big boy, I saw you posed a question and LIKE A TRACTOR BEAM you drew me in ;-)

one at a time... ok... if you insist...
how nice of you to restrain me... you know how much I like that sort of thing ;-)

So... back to the matter at hand... what pisses me off...

1)- Health Care Costs in the U.S.A.
2)- People who abuse children and elders
3)- People who do half-ass jobs at work
4)- People who do illegal and unethical things at work
5)- Mechanics that treat me poorly - when they see the girls so think they can F-k with me
6)- Credit Card Companies
7)- People who don't find me cute, smart, funny, and charming...

(ok, I know that was 7... but what are you going to do... spank me ;-)
(maybe next time you will ask what pleases me ;-)
#6 is funny my wife and I went to a car dealership and the salesman asked her what her favorite color was which pissed her off like that would be her only consideration in buying a car!

#7 Come on those people don't exist do they? I mean let's be realistic with this okay?

p.s.--Spank you? I'm not into that rough stuff, darling.
and the funniest part about your comment Capt BZ is that you go on for 3 paragraphs to answer Dust's question - hee hee - then you pretend you are upset by the posted question - LOLOLOLOLOLOL

and who the hell knows what a BBM is? speaking of using abbreviations not real words...

and if you are going to go off on grammar - at least use proper grammar as you go off...

and case in point... you said:

And if you ever have to write, god forbid, and incident report

1) It is not proper English to start a sentence with the word AND
2) And the proper word before the word "incident" would be "an" not the above used "and"

AND just to annoy you - I started all of my sentences with the word AND... ;-)

CBz - just playing with ya... chill... And I can't stand posers and poor grammar either ;-)

And yes - since there is more about firefighters as total human beings that we care about beyond their fire service work - we will talk about everything - because we want too ;-)
People who think they know everything.
People who think they know what's best for me (and don't consult me on what my opinions are).
People who abuse our social safety net systems.
People who pander to the above groups.

Hmm. That's a lot of people. I think I need to become a hermit.
I notice your not wearing your SCBA in your profile pic...what's up with that?
Well, I didn't say BEAT me ;-)


and you started it, by putting me on restriction...
like thinking that you were my master... haven't we talked about this before...
I heard it gets old up there so don't worry about me moving there anytime soon. I lived in Chicago for 1 year and that was enough for me...I agree with you and Heather that lazy co-workers suck!

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