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Weather forecasters!  When did they become rockstars?  When the weather is good they act like they created it and like we should be thanking them personally for the warm, sunny day!  When they are wrong which is 50% of the time they never mention their mistake.  I hate those bastards.

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My favorite thing you said...

A officer asking IC for an assignment on a 4 alarm fire and being the 10th engine on scene...just park the damn engine and walk your ass the mile to the scene like everyone else...

and here is where you are just nit-picking... but funny as hell...

Orange Fire Engines... hee hee... I imagine you laying awake at night pissed off at orange trucks...LOL
rubber neckers at mvas ,
people that look at you when you tell them to evacuate and then say but there no fire ......
slow drivers that get in my way to calls
so many to say but that would just be complaining and no body likes a complainer hehehehe
Craig,man you listed a lot of mine already.
The drivers who don't wear gear.
People talking over each other on the radio.
Orange,or Slime Green fire engines.
Guys(or girls)or give you this big story about all this stuff they've done but come up with a hundred excuses when you ask them to put an airpack on.
People in Administrative positions who don't follow their own rules.
People who don't ask questions or want to learn.
People who talk real loud on their cell phones.I don't give a rodents backside about what your doing or who and neither does anybody else.
Mayonaisse.That is just nasty.
Hopped up little 4 cylinder cars with neon lights and stupid sounding exhust systems.Get a real car like a Mustang or a Camaro.
Kids with blasting stereos.Get out of the car and run.I'm going to take it out with a LAWS rocket.
Boiled hot dogs.
People who hurt kids.
Election ads.
Kids who bitch about their job but have never worked anywhere else.Go work in a foundry for a while for 6 bucks an hour then come back and MAYBE I'll listen a little bit.
Jerry Jones.(and the Cowboys in general.Goes back to the 70's)
A nozzle that plugs full of crap when you've just about got the fire knocked down.
People who decide to burn trash when it's bright and sunny and dry with 20% humidity and 20 mph winds.
A dog that can't sleep in past 6 AM.
Working 11-7.

I'm done for now.
yes yes yes {Dust can't come after me... if I agree with yours... since they were not mine, right...?}

so... your list which is secretly also on my list (but don't tell dust)...

Liars and thieves
CONGRESS... did I mention CONGRESS... oh yeah, did I happen to mention C-O-N-G-R-E-S-S
Election Ads (and POLITICIANS)

Amen... to GO WORK IN A FOUNDRY for $6 hr... then you can talk about hard...

AND - are you staying awake at night worrying about Orange Fire trucks with Craig?

And maybe you need a doggy door - so your dog can take himself out to pee?
Or maybe your dog needs white noise in the background to sleep - LOLOLOLOLOLOL

I have a kitten right now that wakes me up at 5 AM - to play!!! Freak... must be a cousin to your dog!
I really am a nice guy.I'm just easily annoyed.
I don't dream about orange,or yellow,firetrucks.That would be a NIGHTMARE.Red is red and thats how it's supposed to be!
(All opinions above are not necessarily those of the website.They are purely opinion pieces.No animals were injured in the making of this answer.)
Oh the dog would never use a doggy door.That wouldn't be any fun for her to not to get me up.
Red represents ANGER...

So the BIG ANGRY machine shows up at your house to help you???
That is why lots of gear is daffodil yellow - for joy and happiness - to counteract the ANGER machine !!!

See doggy WANTS play time... cousin of my kitty ;-)
I named my kitty, Zoom-ba, cause she can hardly ever sit still...
Lets see...

People who don't know what STFU means...
People who self centered...
people who think Vol. FF is a walk in the park...
When I'm nearly asleep after a long day... and someone comes into my room asking for something...
people who T@lk l!k T#!$ A!! T#e T!^^E...
People who get angry at me for calling them out for acting like an a$$...

I guess people annoy me. haha
Political Ads and Endorsements of them...
Cold weather
not having a hair tie during a call
People who do not restore the trucks properly (why would a mask belong in a compartment at the rear of the truck?)
People (mostly men!) who assume I cant lift heavy items ( I bench press your grandma dude)
People who correct me when I sing the wrong lyrics... I know they are wrong I just like them better this way
Women who leave public restroom looking disgusting
People who put others down
Ham/ Bacon (ewww)
Yo Gabba Gabba
Pretty People who get away with things cause they are pretty (its jealousy)
wearing mens pants
dumb blonde jokes
people who speak in other languages for no reason in front of people who clearly dont understand
my pale skin
socks.... dont start me there!
I meant to say cold....sorry Ralph! Ha,ha!
I'm with you George. People who think they know everything are a tremendous annoyance to those of us who actually do!

I have thought about it so I could boil it down to one thing. This is not easy, but here goes:

The current trend of anti-intellectualism that seems to be running rampant in America. This is going to cost our country dearly.

As Mark Twain once said: "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."
Did you see they just released Twain's autobiography, now that is has been 100 years after his death, which is what he requested. Very cool I think.

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