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Weather forecasters!  When did they become rockstars?  When the weather is good they act like they created it and like we should be thanking them personally for the warm, sunny day!  When they are wrong which is 50% of the time they never mention their mistake.  I hate those bastards.

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Dust: I once asked a meteorologist about "chance of precipitation". I was curious as to what criteria the percentage was weighed against. Say it was 70% chance of rain; was the 70% for where they were, where I was, for a general region, etc. I was told it meant "7 out of 10 meteorologists think it's gone rain". Take that how you will, haha :P

One of my pet peeves are obnoxious ring tones. Once you advance past, oh say the age of 13, ring tones involving disney characters, internet phenomenon, or alvin and his merry band of chipmunks should become a class II misdemeanor.
I get dirty looks all the time my text message sound is a federal lol
Ringtone is a pager beeping...
Yea,yea,yea.I'll post them one of these days.
My nickname is the Ass Chief.Not sure if it's because I'm one of the assistants or because people don't like what I have to tell them.Either way I don't care:)
"Ass Chief"

clearly the nickname I'd give my Chief with a smokin' hot ass...

as illustrated earlier in this discussion by the french firemen...
at least they look like "men"
class II misdemeanor

yes, our court system is not flooded enough... we need arrests over ring tones...

Yes i agree Opinions are like A**holes and if A**holes could fly this place would be an airport , :D thats one of my favorite sayings , I dislike Ignorant people , people that have to put others down to feel good about themselves , anyone who bashes people of alternative lifestyles anyone who pretty much feels its there duty in life to belittle another person , i could go on for days but that's just the basics
people that feel they need to bring you down just because they are having a pissy day.
The only thing I miss about living in a metro area is the variety in ethnic foods. I would kill for some Thai food.
YES!!!!!Anything to do with the Cowboys tops the list.How 'bout them Cowboys this year?????
KILL... hmmm...

feeling homicidal over food...
yes, I know that feeling...
over chocolate...
you know they make puppy pads too for accident prone dogs

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