Where cam I find some bicycle red lights and sirens????

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Try your local bicycle store, they sometimes have lights, and sirens for bicycles for little kids bikes.
These wouldn't really be for sesponse..I'm not allowed to respond...Mainly for fun at FD pic-nics and fundrasers and stuff like that...probably a wast of hard earned money..I'll just wait until I turn 18 and put lights and sirens on my POV..Thanks for the imput
very funny Ted... imagine taking one word out of what I wrote and embellishing on it... not that I've ever done that before... : )
Unless you live in a densly populated area, check with both you local department, state statutes and your insurance company. The latter might have an issue with you "running code" in your POV. You don't really get to the station much quicker. Concentrate on getting there safely so you can assist in the emergency, not become another and rob resources from the original call. Yeah, I'm one of the old guys, but thats how I got to be one of the old guys.......
LOL!!! That's not what I meant....It is required that I have FF1, EVOC,Off Probation and have a red light card...I just meant there's no real sense to put expensive lights on my bike when I can in a few years on my POV
Why would you want them??
Just mainly for fun....
HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Thats a good one!!!!!
Thank you...this has changed my mind totally!!! I appreciate it!!!
LOL!! I have too much time on my hands
i know of a few trucks that probably could be washed... floors swept, fridge cleaned out... etc
This is a joke right??? Please tell me its a joke... ok if its not. Save your money for when you are old enough to buy something with four wheels and an engine

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