I have yet to buy anything so this is all hypothetical, if I were to buy 2 dual avengers, could I wire them to a switch box instead of plugging each into separate cigar lighters? I only have 2 cigar lighters in my car and I plan on getting more than just the 2 dual avengers, say; a couple exterior mount lights like the TIR3's and maybe a couple hide-aways in the headlights. I want to figure out exactly how I'm going to wire everything before I put the money into actually buying them so I'm not stuck with $200 worth of lights and having no place to wire them to.

if you're unfamiliar with the Dual Avengers here's the link: http://www.fleetsafety.com/Dual-Avenger-LED-Whelen-Dash-Light-273

This is a switch box I'm looking at: http://www.swps.com/05-4000.html

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First off, here's the jpeg and mpeg for your post question to help you get a better response. Secondly, and I ask this out of ignorance, is there any limitation as to what kind of vehicle you can put emergency code 3 lighting on as a volunteer firefighter? I have an older BMW X5 with the 4.8L engine. It would look pretty sweet to be able to drive it Code 3, but I'm sure I would get into too much trouble. LOL :D

Yes they can, however you would also have to do something with the pattern wire. Usually they require a momentary ground to change the flash pattern. With all the other lighting you might be planning I would acquire a good switch box with 5 or 6 fused switches, or maybe a multi position slider switch. HTH
The short answer is yes it can be done. I would recomend keeping the cigar plugs on the lights. If you are not worried about changing the patterns on the fly just get yourself 2 accesory outlets that have to be wired in, usually they cost less than 10 dollars each. Take one wire from each to power(ie.A switch outlet from the switch box) and the other would go to ground,plug one Avenger into each and your good to go. The TIR3's are easy as well,basically power,ground and sync after you set the patterns. Depending on the hide-aways, i would recommend LED's with an inline flasher, most can be synched with other hide-aways, they are the easiest to deal with and easier to mount. Anyway the switch box you have in mind will easily handle all the lights you mentioned and then some. I used to do this for a living and still do it on the side so if you have any questions just shoot me an email: lukedvfd@hotmail.com
I'm almost embarrassed to say that I drive an in-line 4-cylinder Hyundai Tuscon, wasn't my choice believe me, I wanted a truck. Where I live there IS a limit to how much lighting you can have on your POV but the amount is so horrifically low that you'd be better off turning a flash light on and waving it about as you drive. The police here really don't care if you're driving with a lot of lights but they get pissy when you start running a siren/airhorn/PA system in addition to the lights. In short, no there's really no limits here on what kind of vehicle can run Code 3 lighting except for the fact that we're restricted to blue lights only on POV's

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