In our department 3 blast of the air horn ( 2 short 1 long) is to get out of the building, curious as to what your department uses.

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My department follows the same guide lines most of yall are saying , every piece of appratus will sound there airhorns , our main engine operator will hit the evac button on the truck which sounds off our 5 train horns for 5 blasts a minmum of 30 seconds a piece which we can change to any ammount of time we need , County dispatch will also sound the evac tones
Three blasts of the horn, pause, three blasts etc.

We use the same in wildfire as well. Pity many of the 4WD's don't have an air horn! Normal truck horn over the sound of the pump and the sometimes worse sound of the fire? Not much chance of hearing that. Come to think of it, if a wildfire is that loud what the hell are you doing that close to it anyway?
Evacuation command via radio by IC, and three long blasts on the air horn.
We are generally given the radio evacuation command first, then we sound the air horn blasts.
There's an acronymn, SHIT.


It's my understanding that the internationally accepted signals for USAR is as follows:
3 short blasts= Evacuate
1 long blast= cease operations, all quiet
1 long blast followed by 1 short blast= Resume operations

If it is already accepted for one stream of our response, shoudn't we adopt it for all events?
We use a traditional 3x3 signal. Three burst on the air horn in three waves. As well an immediate radio call out to the interior teams.
Long Blasts of the Air horn along with Radio transmission to evacuate.....
Command annouces to abandon the hazard area. 3 air horn blasts are sounded then if we're on a dispatch monitored frequency, we'll get an anbandonment tone and an annoucement.
one would think there was some kind of standard for this type of thing if such a thing is around I have never heard of it and if there is no such standard I ask why ?
Same here. Plus, the county sounds evacuation tones out over all of the radios and emergency bands.
In our company SOP's it states that all apparatus on scene must give a 1 minute solid blast of the air horn as an evacuation signal.
The way we've done it for a long time is IC sends a evacuation notice to all personnel via radio followed by a long blast(30-45 sec.)on the air horns by all apparatus.Officers then do a head count and report.

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