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you can help more people in an ambulance dont get me wrong I like a good fire as much as anyone with the exception of donald off that movie backdraft but i like helping people more
I know what people on here are saying...I certainly don't desire anyone to be hurt, sufffering, or losing property. The way I think of it it this though, if it's going to happen, let it happen in my district. Honestly, I truly do this to help people, and enjoy when I can.

That being said, I'm EMS for my full time job, so when the pager goes off at home for the jolly volleys, I'd like something rescue/fire related, not QRS, which like most career dept.s, makes up a large portion of our calls, but I still respond on those too, because it is a service to our citizens.

Also, going back to what I first said, although a big fire gets the adrenaline pumping, the greatest satisfaction for me is when we can knock down a room and contents without extension. That's what we're here to do, and that's how I'd want a room and contents in my house to end, in that room.
My favorite call is the one's I hear on the radio that the other departments running their butts off, while I sit in my office thinking; It sure sux to be them.
I Agree with everyone no call at all is the best when noone is hurt or at a great loss but if I had to pick a call to go on I would deffinatley have to pick a structure fire the adrenaline is the best high in the world
I'm with ya on this one Blair. Just wishing for a "big one" doesn't cause one, someone else's accident or neglect does. Like you wrote, being able to extinquish a fire before it destroys all is only what we wish for. In my district that would be the ultimate but the size of the area and being rural reduce that chance. Bragging about a fire call in public, at that someone's grieve or loss, isn't good so we all need to use discretion. TCSS
You mean there is something other than firefighting lol just kidding. I am a smoke eater through and through.
Ours is a unique profession.
One person's misfortune is our (good) luck if we happen to be the ones to repond.
You don't go sitting around wishing misfortune on people, as we're the unseen and often unwanted profession until it counts for someone else.

That said, nothing like the smell of a good job.
I agree with everyone else. I don't want to see anyone get hurt or killed but I have a special place in my heart for search and rescue. That's my favorite job in all of the fire service.

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