What's the coolest "thing" you have saved on a structure fire? Can you ID the example photo vehicles & motorcycles?

Saving lives is the mantra we always follow. But what about things? Think back to all the structure fires you have been on or have heard about. During overhaul and salvage phases of the fire we all remove things to prevent damage or to minimize what already has been affected. This is not the phase of property salvage that I am referring too. What I am talking about focuses on things that you removed from a structure, while the structure was burning, to prevent things from burning or being damaged from radiant heat, falling debris, etc.

Here's an example... Late night single story family dwelling structure fire with the fire contained to the garage. You arrive on scene, flames are blowing out the back door of the garage, lots of smoke, and the property owner tells you what's in the garage.. and asks, can you save them?  And the answer was... yes, of course!  Here's what we found... anyone else ever find surprises like this behind door number one?


Question:  Can anyone successfully identify the vehicles and motorcycles in this photo?

Hint: Ka-Ching!

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At a structure fire this past summer, my crew (I was not one of the one'e that removed them) removed a few glass fish tanks, one of which contained an aligator. That was the strangest thing I can think of. They didn't know it until they got it outside, and when they told me, I thought they were joking! I was wrong! Who would of thought to find that in nothern ohio?
well I was on my way out with low air and saw this family bible on the bottom shelf of this book case. I thought it will be ruined as much water as they were using. I grabbed it and took it outside thinking this would be a good thing for the family since the house was pretty much gone. I had already been threw my bottle and since it was going defencive. We wernt needed at the moment to go back in. I took my pack off and took it over to them. I didnt know it but this "bible" was an old family hierloom that was cut out in the middle and that was where they kept there cash. In total there was about 80 grand in there. I guess daddy didnt trust the government so that is where he kept the savings. He left just enough in the bank to get by.

I got a big hug that night from a man I didnt even know for saving a bible and as the house fell to the ground they didnt look to upset.

(lil back ground Info in that area a nice house is in the 30,000 range that house was about 15,000 and had insurance)
We responded to a structure fire and were advised by neighbors that all were out but there was a good chance there was an aggressive German Shepard inside. I advised our hose team to take extreme care because of this, as they made entry. A few minutes later there was a commotion and the crew withdrew. It turned out the Shepard had left with the family but as they advanced a 4 foot Iguana had jumped on the nozlemans head. We removed the lizard and sent for a fresh set of bunker pants.
some folks have an interesting perspective on life sometimes... lol
that's simply amazing... some things are meant to be, and you finding that Bible was certainly one of them. excellent story Loyd
you should tie in with Chief France, both of you are lizard savers... :D
Shelby Cobra? A GT 350, 2 Ducati's, and a HD softtail ( looks like one ) and a F-250 extended cab P/U. Enviromental Hazard going on underneath that GT and if you look at the bottom of the photo someone didn't follow the Hazmat Rule of Thumb: up wind, up hill, up stream. Walked right thru it!
you're good, but it's not just any Shelby... it's actually signed by Carroll Shelby and I think his wife? you be the judge...

and yes, a Ford GT-350...

and the motorcycles that I think are worth a couple of coins as well...

and what's amazing was that all of this was in this garage...

To this date, this is the highest dollar value save I have ever been involved with.

Captain Busy I have a good friend in Florida who restores these cars by appointment, he's good! I Showed him these photos and after he stopped drooling he asked me to thank you for the save. As they say Chevelle $8,ooo dollars,Ford pinto who cares? , Shelby ??? priceless!!!
Only if dinged with a haligan. . .Nice save by the way. Never really been a ford guy, but you got to admire the Mustang. TCSS
Where at in PA Ralph? I used to work for Barry Smith that owns Smith Transport out of Roaring Spring and he restores old mustangs and shelbys. I know they are mustang shelbys too but he did both. One of my backhauls was parts for him.
we were on a fire recently, as one of my fellow fire fighters and i were walking around the house to help out the other crew we saw a big wooden trunk that was in a room that hadnt been burnt yet, and we got the trunk out and gave it to the owner who later told us what was in it. the owner told us that it was all of her late mothers lee midilton dolls.

o and by the way late 60's mustang gt 350, shellby cobra 90's ford f250 powerstroke, harley davidson sportster, ducati shadow, suzuki hybusa

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