from the volunteers view or paid - your at( home or the station) its 3:30am your pager goes've been toned out to a working structure fire called in by a neighbor..neighbor has not herd from the occupants in three weeks but vehicle is parked in the drive-way..unknown on any further information.. what are you gonna do? step by step from the time you get in the truck to the time you get on scene?

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buckle up, head out the door, first in hits the hydrant, assumes command, give a report of a two story single family dwelling fully involved, NO ONE makes entry, surround and drown, protect exposures. If anyone even thinks of wanting to mount an interior attack and search when they find this upon arrival they're nuckin futs, and I don't want them on my department.
Who am i, FF/ Engineer/Truck operator/Capt.?
I am going to play along with this as if i am a Capt II with an LAFD task force

1) Throw on my gear and get moving to the fire
2) Once on scene, give a size up: "Taskforce 58 to OCD (dispatch) we have a 2 story single family structure with fire and heavy smoke showing; Buiding is fully engluffed. go ahead and give me: 2 Taskforces, 1 single engine co., 2 Rescues, a Battalion Chief, an EMS capt, a Division Chief, 1 Arson investigator"
3) have my hydrant member (on the engine) lay a suppy line from a hydrant {and have my pump back it up}
4) have my nozzel member(most likely the rookie) grab an 1&3/4 inch line
5) Then have my hydrant member go to the caller and find out if there are ppl in the house
5.5) get my Truck guys to start ventilation (if possible)
6) After this radio to all units whether there was ppl in the house or not
7) have my Capt I (one) join the my nozzel member and start fighting the fire, defensive, NO ENTRY to much fire, exposers and personel protection only surround and drown
8) Then have my hydrant member grab another line 1&1/2 and do exposer protection
9) Continue radio chatter with other co's and nozzle member updating me on exposers and ETA
10) Hold the fort down and wait for more Co's.
11) Update units enroute with info
12) Put the fire out
13) go back to quarters, go back to sleep
14) talk about what we can do differently in the morning

This is all what LAFD would do more or less

Explorer Capt Marc Hurwitz
LAFD (los angeles city fire department)

LAFD talk:
Task Force= 1 truck, 1 engine, 1 pump
Rescue = Ambulance
There's no ventilation needed on this one, it's already self vented. And I don't think 1 3/4 or 1 1/2 is going to do you much good, break out the 2 1/2, deck gun and master streams.
with the 2nd engine co's. thats a definate. but with just a single engine co i am
just going to worry about the exposers (look at the grass taking off behind the house and having that other building in the back is what i am worrying about)

the 2 other engine co.'s would go 2.5 inch lines and wagon batteries (deck gun) and i would have a truck co use a ladder pipe.
Ah, gotcha now. Hahaha, wagon batteries.

u got a probem with em? or us calling them that

just kidding
stay safe
What your showing in the picture is a fully involved structure. Whether there is anyone inside is immaterial at this point. Put water on this structure until you can safely go inside and fully contain the fire and look for occupants while your in there.
Volie here. Wake up, kiss wife goodbye, get dressed, drive to fire house, get redressed, verify adress and who all is responding, get in truck, buckle up, open door, drive as fast as saftey permits, get on scene, secure water source, put a preconnect on backside to kill grass fire from getting to second structre, at same time depending on if hydrant or tanker supplied, put as much water as I can on it. DO NOT ENTER!!!!! once it is put WAY down then maybe send some ppl in but only if still structially safe.
I was thinking the same thing you were with this WOW
No your nuts. Always make an effort. If that effort is only getting one step in that door you can say your tried your best and can live with what may have happened. Just like the post from Wis. with the guy jumping out the window, not one of those guys even tried to make entry, shame on them. Our depastment is full time and does about 12000 calls a year, most ems, but you better try. That person in the house next time could be your father!
John this is a recovery not a rescue! Never place your crew in danger for NO reason!!! What happens when the poarch collapses on you and your crew? Now your all dead!

Risk a little to save a little! Risk alot to save alot!
Roll out of my bunk and put on my bunker pants, get in engine, get to the scene. Quick size, big time loss. At this time there is no rush, the only thing you are saving on this one is the foundation. The only thing you can do with this one is establish water supply, hit it with the deck gun or portable master stream from a safe distance, and protect any exposures. Maybe send someone for coffee, and pretty much wait for it come down. Have a smoke or cigar, or bug juice and wait for it to go out.

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