Hey Everyone!
I am going with my station (and all the other stations from the battalion) to a brush trainging session tomarrow at one of our state parks. I have my gear, lots of water and protien bars all packed up and ready to go. But, is there anything else that I should bring?

Please help a future fire fighter out.

Explorer Captain Marc Hurwitz
Los Angeles City Fire Department

ps. i will be posting pictures either sunday or monday!! check my profile page to see (what i hope will be) some AMAZING pictures

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A set of DRY clothes to ride home in! A towel. Maybe some salt tablets(if they can still be found!)
Deodorant...um....sunglasses maybe
what are the salt tablets for????what do they do????
Disregard the "salt tablets"...Bring either gatorade or another sport drink and stay hydrated (they will probably provide the fluids) You cannot possibly drink too much........Hope you have wildland gear and aren't going to be out in structural gear......might be a tad bit too much....Stay safe....Paul
Helps keep you hydrated
Well I am sure the subject has been thought of but I willsay it. The willingness to learn.
okay...didnt know that...interesting 2 know thanks for that info.
as a word of wisdom...taking salt tablets (even though this was practice a few years ago) is a very dangerous thing to do...even the military doesn't issue them anymore...stick with a sports drink, cool is ok but not cold...it will cause spasms and vomitting...all the electrolytes need are in the drinks....some departments are now making their people preload with the drinks enroute to a fire....and don't forget a good rehab program and force your people to go to rehab.....don't need any dead heroes.....Paul
we did both lol!
one we got there, they had burn contianers set up like a 2 story single family. So we had our pre-day meeting and then we got ready. Out task force was told to do structure protetion first. it was alread 97 degrees (and only 10am) so we were sitting by the trucks when over the radio came "E58 LF58, move up to 90's first in, structure protection." so we put on all of our wild land gear and drove around the yard in which we where practicing, then we got out and our capt gave a size up "E58 on scene, we have heavy brush going witha single family dwealing involved." (while we were driving around they lit the burn ontainers on fire) so our aptian looked at us and said "structure gear, now" so we did. most of us just took of our brush jackets but left on our pants and put our turnouts over them. Then we did structural firefighting. Since i am only an explorer i got to do exposer protection.
So, for the 20 minutes that we had our structure gear on, it was hell!!!

but after that it was fun!
will post pictures later.

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