I saw something on the news earlier that is just really bothering me. What is the world coming to, when people start breaking into fire stations and stealing thousands of dollars worth of equipment, including the jaws of life, SCBA's, exhaust fans etc.. This happened over the weekend at a station just north of me. And to top it off it may be an inside job..  Anything like that happened around any of you?  here's the news article. http://www.wlbt.com/Global/story.asp?S=12472605 

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People will steal from anyone. My church was broken into a few months ago and several items were stolen. It just goes from bad to worse.
Our department had $5000.00 worth of tools stolen from the shop behind the station in a burglary. In a separate incident we had a brand new chainsaw stolen off a truck inside the station. That was an inside job. No suspects in either case! There are some very desparate people in our midst. Hope Terry will be able to hang their thief.
Coty, sorry to say, but it happens everywhere. I have the same problem in my dept. Not saying that it is always an inside job, it happens. We share our hall with the township right next door, and it seems that things are always coming up missing. Nothing taken to this extreme, but we have lost our share of equipment, tools, cleaning supplies, you name it. It's a shame things like this happens to us, but people break in to churches to.
its terrible, i've heard of a few churches being broken into up in the city, but this is much closer to home. i've heard of a chainsaw or a haligan tool coming up missing, but thats just minor as opposed to several thousand dollars worth of equipment. Its just crazy how people are getting these days, and the economy going down is just making crime rise. It makes me worry about rural departments like mine that are way off the beaten path, and my church too for that matter.
Criminals look for easy targets. Plus there is suspicion that it was an inside job, "There was no sign of forced entry which led the chief to think it was an inside job." not to mention "...the burglary occurred between 6 p.m. Friday and 2 p.m. Monday." (were they closed for the weekend?)

Come on, sht happens, not like it's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine).

Not having equipment stolen. But we have alot of people breaking into our personal
vehicles while at work. Some stations have fences with barbbed wire on top and gates. But that
don't stop them. They will cutt through the fence. Have even had false calls so the could get us
out of the station.
Not only "thieves" but stupid vandals with nothing more to do than shoot high powered rifles into the station house where we have our reserve engine/service apparatus. 14 bullet holes and several hit the sides of the truck. Who in a normal world would try to harm the fire engine that might have to respond to a fire at his, his parents, his grandmother or grandfathers house? There were definitely two of these idiots for we found two kinds of empty cases on the property.

Our fire district covers over 400 square miles so several of our station houses are not in a town or city. We have had several break-ins, lots of stolen stuff and fuel. I just hope someday I will be lucky enough to catch those vermin in the act. They probably won't ever need the fire department again and where I'll send them - - No one will ever come to put out the fire!
In our county forceable entry equipment was stolen from fire dept. unit at a repair shop and used in the robbery of ATM machines. One robbery was caught on camera and the people doing it were wearing firefighter hoods to conceal their faces.
I have seen or heard stories of not just equipment being stolen but the whole fire unit. I think there was a story in Canada just recently where that just happened.
While I was visiting Ocean City someone walk in the fire station and drove the fire pumper out and drove out of town and was stopped between there and the Bay Bridge.
Sign of the economy brother...

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