What is the Oldest Fire Apparatus You Have In Service In Your Department?

In the department I belong, we have a 29 year old American LaFrance Ladder Truck. You would never know that by looking at it, and it is still in great machanical shape as well.

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Hey Thanks Lee, you be safe as well Brother.
Talk to you soon.
I am priveledged to a be a Truck Officer on a 22 year old LTI 75 ft straight stick with a 300 gallon booster tank and a prepiped waterway. I am sure that back in her younger days, she was the cat's meow and the bee's knees. As the Fire service has evolved around her and become more user friendly, she has seen many young firecrackers come and go. Yet, even after these young heroes move on, she is still there, dilligent, ever ready, and always watchful. She is a little banged up from some hard riding over the years and she may have lost a lot of her shine, but we are proud to be her date at every dance.
Hey Shareef, Thank you for responding to the discussion.
You have a way with words, I don't think Ihave ever heard anyone
be so proud , and as loving in talking about their fire truck. That was very
kind of you. Do you have any pictures of her that you can share with us ??
Thanks again, stay well, and be safe out there.
Hey Rev. Ryan, Thanks for responding to the discussion.
For a preacher, you sure are shot on words. LOL
Do you have any pictures of your 1956 Engineer ???
Thanks again, stay well, and be safe out there Brother.
I'm sorry to hear that about the picture. As you may know
Grumman use to build airplanes, and then buses, and trucks,
so i'm thinking it must have been a good truck. I must say
that I have never seen a Grumman Fire Truck. I guess you don't
have a picture of the either. Again, thanks for responding, and
be safe out there Brother.
1976 Dodge B700 Military Aircraft Fuel Tanker (oops....Tender) converted o carry 4,000 gallons of water
As a small department we do not get much for new Apparatus. We have to work with what we have and take care of it. Our oldest is A 1982 Ford Pumper With A 3208 cat motor , and with good care it still looks like new.
We have several "older" vehicles....But here is our oldest. It is a 1978 Pierce Custome engine with 1800 ft of LDH on a spool in the rear..It is #2 out on a structure fire. It has been well maintained and still looks great...It is my second favorite truck to ride on....OPER CAB!!!!
1973 Suthpen 85' Tower. Bought it from our sister staion in West Virginia. Great shape, Great deal
1974 Ford F-600 AKA Brush 46
That would be great, thank you. Be safe Brother
Hey Ed, thanks for responding to the discussion.
1976 Dodge Military, I haven't seen on of those in years.
That's back when Dodge built a good truck, I myself am a
Ford Truck person. If you have any pictures you can post, it
would nice to see. Until next time, thanks again, and be safe
out there Brother.

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