My name is Katie and I'm a writer I currently came up with an idea for a demon slayer and after brainstorming for a while it hit me why not make my main character a firefighter as well I have drawn a lot of insperation from fire fighters and I think it is one of the most noble and honorable jobs out there right along with serving your country.  If my main character is going to be a hero in a ficticious world why not in a realistic one as well?  I want the part about firefighting to be as accurate and factual as possable I've had a passion for writting ever since I was six-years-old and firefighters give me a lot of inspiration I will be more than grateful for any insight or ideas you have thank you for your time and service to our country!  HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

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"...very gratifying.... I'm nearly speechless. Not that there's anything wrong with"... playing grab-ass..."
I knew I was taking a chance with that comment.
I'm trying to decipher what would a "manly" way of playing grab-ass be. And what the alternatives are. And whether you do so in a "manly" way consistently or only occasionally.
Thank you for your beautiful picture, Its worth a thousand words!
Thank you for the picture it looks like the kids having the time of his life!
It would seem "grab-ass" is a Phillyism not widely understood outside the bounds of my little town. It means rough or boisterous play. Now leave me alone, you brute!
"...rough or boisterous play."
------------------------> giggles
Does that include hot, sweaty and partially Philly of course.
The biggest thing about coming to work every third day is the unknown. Everyday that you put your gear on the truck is the beginning of 24 hours of a fresh unknown. You never know whether your going to have straight medical calls all shift or whether your actually going to get a first on structure fire. The medical calls can vary from a true emergency of a Cardiac Arrest to a call that makes you turn around to the other guys and laugh, asking yourself, why in the world were we called out for this? Once you get past the 80% or the majority of these calls, you finally get to start tapping into the fun calls, the calls that make your adreniline flow and your mind work. These calls can include as I mentioned earlier, a first on structure fire with fire and smoke showing, to an overturned car on the highway with people trapped, or even just your simple yet sometimes challenging grass fire. These are some of the things that really make me enjoy coming to work every third day.
OUTside the pants, 2 second touch limit and no smiling while grabbing...
What in the world is that suppossed to mean?
And we get to drive fast, with lights and sirens. We can even do it in our own car. (Where's the "roll eyes" smiley when ya' need it?)
WP....Now you are scaring me......LOL

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