Okay gang, which song do you think is the BEST to use if you were going to make a fire video for YouTube?

I've seen a number of tribute videos using 'Danger Zone' by Kenny Loggins or 'Hero' by Nickelback. There has GOT to be more options than those two!

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Well I found sites with lyrics of the songs that I found connected to some fire dept youtube  videos   http://.youtube.com/watch?v=HLRYp0CeYcY


Bryan Adams - "Never Let Go"

Having done these type of videos for many years as a hobby beginning with slide-tape productions the best advise is to select music that fits the pictures you have. I have some personal favorites but I try to avoid music with lyrics because that ropes you into selecting pictures that go along with the lyric being heard. A good example of a song that has lyrics that works for just about anything is "never let go from the guardian". On the old school side i like "fire" by Arthur Brown. The key is not to copy, let the emotion of the photograph play out in the music..."you're trying to get an emotional response from the person watching"

At a fire photographers show and competion on the dedicated subject of "fallen firefighters", I, the folks attending (and the judges) had to sit through "he's not heavy, he's my brother" at least 7 times watching different shows. The images were very good but I won it with  "closer to heaven" by the alan parsons project, a song with lyrics. I was told later that the reason I won was because "it was different".

I took that to heart and was glad I did because some years later you couldnt find a fire related video that didnt have danger zone from top gun in it, and danger zone is about the navy but the popularity of the song makes you forget all that. 

A fellow fire shooter whom i've known and respected for many years said to me once that when he sees a fire video with a popular tune, he remembers the origional work...not what he's looking at at the time. My point is look around because there is alot of music out there that is great to accompany fire images and I could eat up a day listing them here (which i wont...cant give away secrets) If you have to use a song with lyrics, listen to the entire song to make sure the lyrics are appropriate to the pictures you are showing. i have clapped polietly at a retirement video done to...he's not heavy, he's my brother...and the guy was very much alive-LOL

good luck and i encourge other posters to help you out with some suggestions

As i write this i am remembering the fire photographers who have influenced me, Bill Noonan, Larry Phillips, Tom Wanstall and a bunch of others who have made firehouse, fire engineering and many other publications worth reading...thanks fellas

how about red wagon? used by the NFFF by Jaycie

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