what is something unique about you in the fire/ems service or about your department..

--well, i tried to start a post and got a call..so im guessing someone that doesn't like me very well thought they would finish and make me look like a complete idiot...so im gnna try this again!







to be honest I have no uniqueness, i am just another rookie!



now can we make this a friendly one?! lets see! :)

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I hope there's nothing unique about me. I try to keep my head down and blend in when it comes to the fire service. I don't want to become a legend because it might be because of something tragic. By the way...Don't belittle yourself as "just another rookie." You are a valuable asset to your department. You are their future.
thanks! i agree with this whole statement.. if all the fire fighters were as encouraging as this and not trying to be the '#1' then mabe we would get a little bit more appreciated!
Something unique about our department?

Our uniform colour- no other agency over here has the bright orange uniforms. (FYI, all agencies over here are State based so every Unit/Department within the agency has the exact same uniform- ie: CFA is all the same across the State, MFB is all the same, SES is all the same, etc. There's no mix n matching on scene trying to figure out who you are or what agency you're from)

Hey Brittany,
I saw yesterday the attempt you made with this thread, and the reaction you got. I felt bad for you, but in all honesty, we are indeed a tough group to impress, and when you put little effort into your spelling or grammar, it really does upset many, and sets you up nicely!
Glad you took the time to clean it up, and try again. A good sign you will be ok in this business, is your ability to suck it up when it comes to the "el toro pooh pooh " that can be, and is, distributed through out the service.
We usually read profiles, and that sometimes... plays a role in how much respect will be delivered in the replies.
It is NOT the fact that someone doesn't like you.. its more like the last part - they want to make you look bad., sometimes in a good accepting kind of way... understand? lol
I can't answer your question though. Nothing is unique about me.
Awesome! Be advised many jails here in the states dress their prisoners in orange coveralls!
Lucky ours are labelled on the back with our details, not the jail details!!!
Indeed! I'd even pick you guys up if you were hitchhiking! LOL Take care...
Indeed! I'd even pick you guys up if you were hitchhiking! LOL Take care...

careful what you wish for....

lutan, Nice suits there. High visibility for safety!
They're extremely hi vis! No need for additional vests for traffic duties as these meet the Australain Standards for day and night operations....
Bugger Lutan - we in the CFA now have two different colour structural gear options. We can have the Baby-poo Brown (how the hell the PBI people can call it 'gold' I'll never know. Colour blind maybe?) or Slime Green Nomex. The staff union decided that everyone should be in their choice, Poo-brown, and senior management wanted the Slime. So all those structural qualified are given their own choice of PPC colour. The MFB all wear PBI. I chose Nomex because I think it is more visible on the road during the day. So I can look 'unique' if I'm the only one of 'us' in Nomex when we do a support call with the MFB!

Oh, our gear also meets the Aussie Standard of course so we don't have to wear traffic vests either, We used to need them with the black woollen jacket.

The hitch-hiker. Can you imagine the reaction of a cop seeing that on the side of the road? At least it wan't a 'concealed weapon'... Mind you, I'm not sure what that is sticking out over his right hip - a long pistol? A large knife? He'd be in deep shit if it was either here of course!
i understand.. but i was talking about the 'enemy' that finished the forum.. i got as far as the title when i got the call, got back and it was completed and posted..lol...

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