What is it like to be a firefighter i want to know cause when i get out of High School I'm going to join Boston Fire or my Home town fire department  I chase fire truck since i was 5 all ways wanted to be a firefighter

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many days of boredom...... but when that bell rings or the tones go off and you have you a burner just around the block and your pants are still around your ankles because you got there so fast and you look into the eyes of the beast with its tongue licking out from under the porch......its show time....... it doesn't get any better than that.
Mark what about a job in the EMS field? Join a volunteer dept. There are alot of EMS jobs (Well at least around here).
Don't let the word "volunteer" throw you, it does not mean unprofessional. A instructor once told us volunteers are the modern versions of minutemen from days of old. That stuck pretty good with me.
But don't let someone on here keep you from chasing your dreams. If you want to be a career firefighter go for it. Just have a back up plan and EMS will go right along with your main plan.
Can happen to anyone.
i want to be EMT to and a volunteer but i have to move to western mass for volunteer fire fighting
i have no volunteer fire department i have to go out western Mass for that and i going to college for fire science to
Hey Mark,
Best advice I can give you is join the miltitary first when you get out of high school. My opinion, join the Navy, travel & see the world for free. I joined the Navy when I was 18 in '93, did 4 years, then started college in '99. Having a military background & being a vet, it not only shot me up to the top of the list when I took the firefighter exam, but it also allowed me to use my GI Bill to go to school & use my VA Loan to purchase 2 income properties that I own. Without vet status, you pretty much have to score EXTREMELY high on the exam & then have to "know some people" to even have a shot on getting on the fire dept...not just Boston either, I'm talking ANY department. Being a veteran will do so much for you & you'll be out while your still just a pup!
Go for Paramedic start as an EMT.
i don't want to go in to the Military if i did i go with USMC the USMC and fire fighting Runs Throw my Blood
Up here in MA I scored a 12 out of a possible 15 on the firefighter exam over 2 years ago & just got sent a card to start the academy in October. I was ranked 18th on a list of over 500 applicants for my town. If I wasn't a veteran, I would have NEVER got called because my exam score would have been too low. My vet status bailed me out LITERALLY. Just give the military some thought is all I'm saying...
More Awesome Than you could know without being a firefighter
But DON'T join the military just because you want to be a fireman/get extra points. Too many young guys hear this and decide to join for the wrong reasons. Only join because you want to do it and serve your country.
i know i live in Mass to but im not going in to the military

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